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Last weeks Cartoons

Here are last weeks Satsang cartoons . . . . (these cartoons point to enlightenment, advaita, emptiness and freedom exactly where you are now)                    

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Enlightenment Quotes

Enlightenment Quotes This video looks at a few of quotes on enlightenment and Self Realization by Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Stephen Jourdain. These quotes have been particularly chosen as they cut through the trance of being a devotee on a […]

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Trances and Satsang

Lifting The Veils of Illusion Trances and Satsang Video Series  In the following videos I talk about the various trances we enter and how they seemingly block our experience of natural beingness or enlightenment.  These videos cover the traps that […]

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Future Trance and Satsang

Future Trance and Satsang This video and cartoon looks at how we imagine our behaviours will change and how we imagine ourselves becoming an enlightened being at some point in the future. Back to video contents page

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Trance Inductions

Satsang and Trance Inductions This video looks at the trance inductions we attempt to put others into. Often we have imagined that happiness is having others think about us in a particular way. This is very different from the discovery […]

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Group Trance and Satsang

Group Trance This video looks at the group trances that spiritual groups can enter that attempt to divide Consciousness rather than seeing That as a whole. Lucid dreaming is when we know we’re not the character. We’re awareness. Back to […]

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Nothing to Do

Nothing to Do This video is about what satsang is and what it isn’t. Satsang has nothing to do with being spiritual, hanging out with only spiritual people or making sure we have an enlightened consciousness. Satsang is when we […]

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Sensory Distortion Trance

Sensory Distortion Trance and Satsang We enter this trance when we narrow our focus upon a body part or a feeling and also when we numb out a body part or feeling. This is a natural trance but it’s good […]

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Age regression part two

Age Regression Part Two This video looks at the age regression trance we can enter around teachers, gurus and authority figures. It creates the illusion of separation where there is none. This trance is based upon a survival strategy. We […]

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Age Regression and Satsang

Age Regression Part One This video introduces trances and looks at the age regression trance. This trance in particular is useful to understand because it’s the one we periodically can enter and think we’ve lost enlightenment.   This is how […]

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