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Clare Cherikoff


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What is Advaita?


Below is the expurgated version of Clare Cherikoff’s story – All stories are fictional though, including the story below . . .
(see Before and After Enlightenment comic series)

Clare Cherikoff reading Ramana Maharshi

Clare Cherikoff looking for Consciousness


Clare Cherikoff not finding Consciousness

Zen fish cartoon

Clare Cherikoff realizes Consciousness


And the earnest seeker searching for Consciousness turned out to be only an appearance.
There never was a seeker or a finder. Only ever Awareness.



Every cartoon, animation or film clip on this site deals with awakening, the enneagram or advaita.
But since I started cartooning on these interests some time ago there have of course been discoveries and changes along the way.
What I used to teach I would no longer teach, but since the path (I thought I was walking) is so common I’ve decided to leave some of the old stuff up.
I will endeavour to point out why I would not teach what I used to teach because that in itself is a good pointer.
Where I used to see ‘others’ and wish to help by exposing the illusory patterns and trances, its been seen that this keeps the illusion alive that there is a ‘me’ and ‘you’ when all there is, is This. So attempting to wake up from a trance or clear an emotion,
or surrender or stopping thoughts is impossible because there is no thinker, no doer, no one in a trance, no one with an emotion and no one there to surrender.

Clare Cherikoff – presenter, documentary maker, author, animator and cartoonist

Clare  taught many times in The States and Europe giving two ten day courses Lifting the Veils (which she co-authored and designed the course for) and Therapeutic Trance.

 (Click on the picture below to watch videos of the course Lifting The Veils). These consist of the nature of trance, the nine personalities of the enneagram and how thoughts and responses can seemingly delude us. Works point to the inherent freedom regardless of habitual patterns and personalities.

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photos of Clare Cherikoff teaching NLP and the enneagram

Clare presenting in the US


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photos of Clare Cherikoff teaching NLP and the enneagram

Clare is the author of FIVE books. Spellbind, Hoodwink and the three volumes of The Maya Series. The Maya Series includes cartoons from earlier works (LTV and Wake Up) but with several hundred new cartoons added. They can be viewed on Kindle, iPad or computer.

Lifting The Veils of Illusion book on NLP, the nine personalities of the enneagram

Click picture below to go to the Amazon link of The Maya Series Volume One

Clare has woven the above work of The Maya Series into the book ‘Spellbind and Hoodwink’ . This tale of murder and magic is a novel way to learn about waking up from trances as well as the enneagram (without knowing it).

Brand New Sequel to Spellbind,  Hoodwink (Book Two) is now available (and bundled with Spellbind) and is available from Amazon. 

A tale of Advaita and the Enneagram . . .

Spellbind and Hoodwink


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Spellbind and Hoodwink

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 The Enneagram Film (interviews with all nine types)

 You can watch video clips from the movie as well as download the entire film online.

Excerpt from The Enneagram film

clare cherikoff from film

picture of dvd box - a documentary on the nine personalities