This is an autobiographical film . . .

It begins with a search for enlightenment and then the discovery of the Enneagram. If you want to watch the interviews of the types go to the individual videos – type one through to nine.

This opening video looks at the nature of who we are as pure consciousness and it is in this light that the Enneagram is viewed. Beneath each of our types we discover the peaceful, still awareness that is experienced as freedom.

This clip on enlightenment is not the same as the one on the DVD. This is a sweeter, truer version.

Admittedly this opening is an unusual way to introduce the Enneagram. I have made it so you can join me in understanding the hypnotic effect of words as well as the illusory nature of our personalities and see the Enneagram as a system that highlights the specific veils from which we can discover freedom.

As you will see in the later interviews I ask what it is like to now see through the veils of the nine types and to just be who you really are. I find this to be the most important question to ask ourselves if we are students of the Enneagram.

Dear Clare,

I watched your movie and enjoyed every minute of it.The animation, the dogs and mostly the sound effects and pop up words are powerful. The highlight for me was this amazing looking type 5 trying to answer your question as to how it is once the veils removed. He got stuck trying to answer from the heart center about his feeling, apparently unsuccessfully . I am in love with this guy€¦I also loved the bats of the 6, the 9 who talks too much and that 3 lady she is awesome. I showed your movie to the study group (7 people) they loved it so much that now they want to bring people and start panels.

There is no doubt your movie is a bull’s-eye. So well invested. Bless you.

Amir. Israel


After watching the film I loved it so much that I invited a few friends to view it. One of my friends was so touched when she recognised her type that she cried, it was very moving for her and of course myself. We all agreed on the excellence of your presentation Clare. The creativity and humour brings such easy viewing and enhances the depth of the teaching in such a profound way.

Leonie Berruex. Australia

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