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To understand the personality type eight watch this video of interviews. You’ll be able to feel the group’s power and strength. There is an unmistakable force to the eights. I was fortunate to find people willing to share the good, the bad and the vulnerable side to this personality.

Director’s Notes

Personally I’m very fond of this type of personality (and even married one). Beneath the gruff exterior is a fierce and passionate heart but they’ll stomp all over you if you let them.

It’s worthwhile knowing the Enneagram just to be able to survive the eight personalities’ in our lives. They might feel they’re innocent but their manner can be so bullish and blunt it’s good to know we don’t have to take their behaviors personally.

It was suggested to me that some in this clip were nine’s. I can vouch for that fact that most have been on the eight panel for years (with no-one refuting their type) and in real life others find them frightening and hurtful. (Rarely have I found people to be frightened or felt wounded by a nine personality type.)

Just as all eight’s aren’t physically big neither are all eight’s extroverted and loud. Many are quiet. A number of the eight’s in this film are highly educated scientists and university professors.

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