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To understand the type five personality watch these film clips of interviews. You’ll experience the dryness and the quietness of the five. You’ll be able to sense the workings of the mind and the need for solitude. I was very fortunate to be able to include these three wonderful people who were so willing to share their experience of this personality with humor and clarity (despite their inclination to withdraw).

It’s illuminating to both enter the world of the five and to also see the freedom that is possible when the illusions of personality are seen through.

Director’s Notes

Since the five personality type tends to be quiet I have used classical music as well as music made from a single instrument to highlight the solitude as well as the dryness of the five. (Of course fives can be into rock and roll or other types of music. The music only emphasizes the flavor of the five personality and not the preference for music styles.)

I have added animations to emphasize the mental activity of this type.

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