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To understand the type four personality watch this video of interviews.

You’ll be able to capture the moodiness of this personality, the yearnings, the tragedy, the roller coaster of emotions and the desire for style and uniqueness. Ah the drama!

This is a lovely group who were willing to show the worst of themselves. Normally we try to hide our worst so I was fortunate that this wonderful group were happy to expose what it is like to have this personality type.

In a world where we try to hide our faults and flaws and weaknesses I think it comes as a relief to share our funny foibles. Pretending to be perfect humans is exhausting and ridiculous. Sharing our peculiarities allows for laughter, compassion and freedom.

Director’s Notes

The reason I’ve chosen water as the main theme running through the video is because the four personality type is wet – they’re often teary and can look as if they’ve just been crying even when they haven’t. The water also represents the flood of emotions this type experiences. I’ve included lightening and thunder because this type is dramatic.

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