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To understand the nature of the nine personality watch this video. In the documentary it’s the longest clip out of them all. That could have something to do with the talking style being saga . . . actually, the people were so brilliant with all their answers I couldn’t edit them out.

Director’s Notes

I used floating feathers in the background of this clip to emphasize the softness of the nine personality. They are often described as teddy bears and the feathers capture that for me . . . along with the Koala bears.

Note: Not all nine’s are like teddy bears. Some are lean and lanky yet they still emanate a certain calmness that we attribute to friendly bears.

Thank you

I truly thank all the people who allowed me to interview them for this documentary.

My aim was to interview the personality types from around the world to show that regardless of culture and country these personality types exist. I’ve edited it so that you’ll see the answers from a Type from Europe quickly followed by the same type from England, America and Australia.

I wanted the film to be fun by highlighting the personality types with animations, music and special effects yet maintain a deep appreciation for the deeper aspects of the person being interviewed. (The animations also highlight the mental and emotional activity of the fixations. It works well that they disappear when the person shares how it is to simply be themselves.)

I did promise that while I would poke fun at the fixations I would also try not to poke fun at the person.

I deeply appreciate and love all the people in the film. They were all willing to expose themselves so others could learn about the Enneagram and see that freedom is possible.

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