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This wonderful group allowed themselves to be filmed while sharing the particular up-tightness peculiar to the One and the unconscious habit of seeing what’s wrong wherever they look.

How lucky to find a group (including a relative) willing to expose the rigid patterns of anger, the desire for perfection and the attempts to relax with alcohol with such humor and honesty.

This is one funny clip.

Director’s Notes

I’ve made animations at the beginning of each introduction to the 9 types. It shows what each type is running from and what they are striving for. I have placed her on the treadmill to show how this pattern is an endless cycle that gets us nowhere.

I believe that the point of the Enneagram is to show us that we can get off this treadmill. We do this by becoming aware of the silent consciousness that is always present beneath each personality.

I’ve made the background for this clip yellow with lights to represent the purity of the one fixation.

The animations throughout the interviews are to highlight the mental and emotional activity of the fixations. It works well that they disappear when the person shares how it is to simply be themselves.

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