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Regrettably I have only two people in the following clip but these two certainly capture the upbeat, positive, socially active, fun aspect of the seven. (Not all sevens are upbeat. Some are quiet yet still have the other traits of the seven personality type.)

You will also see the heart and joy of these two as they share via stories how it is to have this personality.

Sobriety is a mature sign for the seven and this too is seen on this video.

Director’s Notes

At one point during the filming my camera developed a problem and on it’s own would zoom in and out of focus. I didn’t notice because my attention was on making sure the person being interviewed was comfortable enough to share intimate details about their fixation with me. I won’t ever attempt to be the camera person and the interviewer at the same time.

I have chosen to include faulty footage because it’s the interviews which are important and not whether the film is any good or not.

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