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(I simply couldn’t resist a scary beginning that begins in the dark . . . )

To understand this personality type watch this clip. Not many would wish to expose the relentless doubts that the mind can spin or the fears that scare the six. Yet I found a wonderful group of people willing to do just that.

I think many who don’t yet know they’re a six would get enormous benefit from the honesty shared in this film. There is relief for the six personality and it’s inspiring to see many in this group express freedom now that they know the patterns of behavior and can rest in a deeper aspect of themselves.

Director’s Notes

Well first I should apologize for making the opening similar to a horror movie!

But as many sixes will tell you . . . fear is such a presence in their lives its a bit like starring in their own scary movie.

I could have made a two hour film just on the six group (and maybe I will add more clips in the future) especially since the six group can be divided into three very different groups. I couldn’t go into it in the film but each of the 9 personalities can be divided into 3 sub categories.

1. Self preservation

2. Social

3. Sexual

In the six group the 3 sub categories are more noticeable because of the physical and energetic difference.

The self preservation type comes across as more nervous than the others. If they were an animal they would be the bunny rabbit. They smile a great deal as a way to be friendly but as the people in the film say – it”s only so you won’t kill them!

The social type is more like a bull dog. They’re very friendly but when push comes to shove they will be the ones pushing. Many of this type tend to wear their hair in a bob. It fits like a helmet on their head.

The sexual type are like all the Hollywood action heros. Strong and/or beautiful types.

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