Enneagram Panel

These photographic panels are a quick visual snapshot of  the nine Enneagram Types.

Type One

Often immaculate, neat, tidy, ever so clean . . . . .

Enneagram Type One

Type Two

So sweet looking! (Although some favour a more militant look)

Enneagram Type Two photographic panel

Type Three

Polished and fashionable!

Enneagram Type Three photographic panel

Type Four

Usually artistic, maybe romantic, french chic is the ultimate!!

Enneagram Type Four photographic panel

Type Five

Not intentionally dressed for success. Usually favour a casual or computer geek style or anti-authoritarian look.

Enneagram Type Five photographic panel

Type Six (since the type six look so different depending upon their subtype I’ve made panels for each of them.)

Self Preservation Subtype

Usually dress quite conservatively. Many smile a lot as a way to befriend you and appear harmless.

Enneagram Type Six - Self Preservation photographic panel

Type Six Social Subtype

They look friendly and approachable . . . .

Enneagram Type Six - Social Subtype photographic panel

Type Six Sexual Subtype

Where would Hollywood be without all the sexual sixes playing most of the roles? Buffed and beautiful! Some can come across as eights they seem so strong . . . .

Enneagram Type Six - Sexual Subtype photographic panel

Type Seven

Some dress colourfully and outrageously . . . .

Enneagram Type Seven photographic panel

Type Eight


Enneagram Type Eight photographic panel

Type Nine

Sometimes they can appear so friendly or benign they unfortunately get overlooked.

Enneagram Type Nine photographic panel