Enneagram Health Habits

Personality Type One

This type has the discipline and will power to keep up an exercise regime as well as eat correctly. They may however be too strict with themselves and place themselves on severe diets and this can be detrimental to their health. Some with this personality will be totally into certain health fads (obsessed with health pills and cleansing diets) and follow the fads zealously.

At the root of this behavior is the motivation to be correct and cleansed. Led by a super ego judging their behavior, they adhere to the rules. Discovering that this super ego is only a figment of the imagination following the One Pattern allows the person to dive deeper and listen to their actual bodily needs.

One personality diet and health

This type does have a loophole in their rules and they’re drawn to alcohol and substances as a way to relax. The strict behavior that is self inflicted needs an outlet. Its such a burden being good it feels justified to be occasionally bad.

One personality and alcohol

Personality Type Two

This personality is drawn to indulge in foods as a way to fill the neediness for love. This is an unconscious habit. It helps to be conscious of this drive. Finding yourself acting out this behavior is a wake up call to being more present to the love that is present in your life. (The ‘neediness’ isn’t based upon reality. Its the genetic drive of the personality.)

Two personality health and diet

Personality Type Three

This type is often too busy to eat! Highly aware that the slim look is linked to the modern perspective of success they will be able to adhere to a diet.

(One can see how the culture of fast food outlets stems from the ideal of the three personality. Race in, race out, looks good but it’s a bit lacking in substance.) Of course, not all three’s are shallow or lacking in substance.

Three personality health and diet

Personality Type Four

This type enjoys the gourmet food. There are two things motivating this desire. Eating gourmet food definitely feeds the idea that one is above the common fray, (who, by the way, are down the road at the fast food outlet or cheap diner). It also uplifts the spirits in a way that can lift a heavy mood that the four may be feeling.

Nothing wrong with gourmet food. There can be a problem with over indulging though. The four does well when they discover they’re not so tragically flawed that only gourmet food will do to make them feel better about themselves.

They also do well when they become disciplined and exercise their body. It’s a necessary and positive outlet for fours as it lifts their mood and health in better ways than gourmet foods provide.

Four personality health and diet

Personality Type Five

This type will more likely restrict their dietary intake, although there are definitely some overweight fives too. They also tend to shun physical exercise but again there are definitely some athletes amongst the fives. However, since this type lives in their heads they often ignore their physical needs, deeming it as unimportant.

The five tends to feel safer with less and they can take this strategy into their eating habits and seriously restrict their intake.

Since this type is physically sensitive they will fare well with good nutritional support. Since they live in their heads, exercise or physical activity is good for them as it provides the means to get out of their head and into their bodies and experience life more fully rather than always at a mental distance.

Five personality health and diet

Personality Type Six

This type is often so wound up with anxieties, frayed nerves and hard work they could do with receiving more nutritional support rather than less. However, this type tends to be drawn to restricting certain foods (often to cope with a nervous digestive system) but then drawn to alcohol and substances as a way to relax.

Some doubt the foods they’re eating and their minds spin on whether they should be eating certain foods or not.

Some within this category can also be the gym junkies as they like to feel beautiful and strong. This is usually the sixes with the sexual subtype. For more on the subtypes click on this link. http://www.clarecherikoff.com/personality-six Annoyingly, many say they don’t go to the gym because they’re naturally toned, buffed and beautiful. It’s the natural body type for the sexual six! No wonder this type gets all the action hero movie roles.

Six personality health and diet

Personality Type Seven

This type enthusiastically tries out many of the fads, often ahead of everyone else, as they leap toward the ever new. The passion driving this type is gluttony (although that refers more to their gluttonous craving for more experiences.) They do however, like to keep on an eternal high and they can take this strategy into their food habits as well, preferring substances that will keep them stimulated.

They can also be enthusiastic about health and follow quite a healthy diet while inspiring others to do the same . . . . although they may enjoy the odd indulgence too, if its on offer.

Seven personality health and diet

Personality Type Eight

Lust, lust and more lust. If this type likes something then they think more is better. So they tend to overeat and consume rich foods but not exercise.

They also know they’re powerful. Certainly in men, this is often more seductive than good looks, so they’re not in much of a hurry to slim down.

This type resides fully in their body (unlike other types who can live in their heads or emotions) and so physical exercise and care is advantageous. It gives their enormous energy a healthy outlet.

This type can lean towards a hedonistic life or a puritan existence. They seem to swing between the two. Even if they go down the puritan route they’ll do it in a big way.

Hedonistic Eight

Eight personality hedonist

Puritan Eight

Eight personality puritan

Personality Type Nine

This personality has a tendency to either overeat or forget to eat. If they are the type to forget to eat they may miss lunch and eat late or have dinner very late at night. The nine avoids conflict and strives for comfort and they take this strategy into their eating habits by seeking out the comforting foods. They can then become addicted. Since anger feels uncomfortable to the nine, they can attempt to bury it by eating. This has the positive intention of keeping the peace but can be detrimental to their health.


Nine personality health and diet