Enneagram Dog Film

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Anne Wotring – 10/16/2011

Claire, Great work and LOL! Perfect portrayal of the types and like Elaine, I really liked the distinctions between the 6’s. I find so much mistyping around 6. Thanks for your contribution.

Elaine Diffey – 06/13/2011

I’ve just had a very enjoyable chuckle; I particularly liked the portrayal of the 6 sub-types – this very neatly sums up the differences between them; being a Social 6 I really related to that!! Keep up the great work.

Sudha Marsh – 06/12/2011

Claire, That was fantastic! So creative and so “right on”. Thanks for making us laugh!

This dog film was made to highlight (admittedly, in a rather daggy way) the differences between the Enneagram types.

There are of course many nuances within each type that couldn’t be put into a short humorous film. But for those who wonder which type they are, this film will give them a bit of insight.

Since the Sixes are vastly different from one another, depending upon whether they are Self-preservation, Social or Sexual I have included those sub types just for the Sixes so they can better recognize themselves.

As a side point I am particularly pleased that the dog I have chosen to represent the eight dog looks sufficiently cranky and bossy but at the same time it is also letting another dog lean on him. This represents the two sides to an Eight. Both generous and loving as well as angry.

Below is what Jack Labanauskas (editor of Enneagram Monthly) wrote about the Dog Film . . .

Enneagram Dog Article in Enneagram Monthly

Enneagram Dog Article in Enneagram Monthly


Dog article in Enneagram Monthly by Jack Labanauskas