Guru Enneagram Types Video One

This video looks at the Enneagram styles of gurus who teach enlightenment and how we can mistake the traits of the gurus for enlightenment. This first video looks at the enneagram fixations one, two and three. It begins with a brief look at age regression but then quickly moves into the enneagram style of gurus. It is worth realising how it is not just the devotees or students enter an age regression trance when they are around an authority figure. When a teacher or guru plays out the mother or father figure it too is a an age regression trance, from which they see others, not as That, but as a child who either needs to grow up or wake up. (Enlightenment is the discovery that no-one separate is out there. There is no-one to transmit enlightenment and no-one to receive it. Ultimately there is no-one who is an an age-regression trance but it’s a useful analogy to understand.)

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