Lifting the Veils of Illusion Film


This film goes into the nitty gritty of how we forget ourselves as Consciousness. It looks at a number of trances we enter on a moment by moment basis. Often it’s our trances we don’t like and not reality.

This film is based upon the book (of the same name but now The Maya Series). I’ve taken some sketches and animated them and put them to music. It’s 11 minutes long and I’ve packed quite a bit into the film so you may want to watch it a few times.

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abby gail layton – 01/31/2012

this is a complete gem. I have been a psychotherapist for many years, and a meditation teacher. This is such a clear and simple, heart opening and expansive way of sharing the means of lifting the veils of illusion. And very timely for me. Thank you so much, will share with my students and friends.

michelle johansen – 12/31/2011

Many thanks Clare this is a lovely simple illustration of lifting the veils. I look forward to exploring your site some more – it looks like a real treasure trove. Best regards Michelle

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The Maya Series contains seven hundred cartoons (mostly in color) on enlightenment. Volume One is the first in a series of three, which point to Self Realization. It examines the nitty gritty aspects in our life that seem to be in the way of discovering our true nature as Consciousness. The books pictorially make the illusions so clear you can see through them and wake up.

The three volumes examine all the things that send us to sleep €” habitual responses, conditioning, desires, aversions, emotions, words, sentence structures, personality types, our perception of gurus, thoughts, everything we see, hear and touch, our bodies and the story of our lives.Be warned. These cartoons sometimes question the things we consider holy. This is not done to denigrate the sacred. It’s a nudge to wake up.

Volume I is a lighter introduction to enlightenment than the other two volumes. It uncovers our shared human foibles and our attempts to seek enlightenment with humor and precision. Themes introduced in this volume are expanded in the next two.Volume II is substantive and investigates numerous sticking points that seem to veil our clarity. It also offers illustrated processes to break free from a number of common issues.Volume III covers specifics trances that trip us up.

All three volumes include quotes from Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj and the cartoons highlight the Consciousness to which these two enlightened sages point. The cartoons also expose the modern dilemmas that the seeker comes across on his journey to enlightenment, until both the seeker and the journey is discovered to be an illusion. When we wake up, every obstacle that seemed to cloud our clarity is revealed to be a momentary trance made from the same substance we are seeking. Consciousness reveals itself to be the source and substance of everything and is the same conscious awareness which we experience even prior to saying ‘I am’.

The best use of this series is to look to where these cartoons point. Nothing needs to be taken up as a practice, nor a rule. Nothing is required. It may be one cartoon or possibly several that will dissolve a block or misunderstanding and lead to Self-Realization.

This series includes earlier works by the author but these have been expanded upon and there are hundreds of new illustrations added. The majority of the cartoons are in color.These eBooks are best viewed on a computer, an iPad, a Kindle Fire or tablet with color and viewed vertically. It is not recommended for early kindle versions without color or without the ability to expand illustrations if needed.

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Testimonials on Lifting the Veils of Illusion

Clare Cherikoff’s Lifting the Veils is a profound exposition on seeing what is in everyone’s blind spots. This book and this teacher make it easy to see elements that veil who we all really are. Clare Cherikoff shows how easy it is to awaken. – William Mariner

Clare’s books have made learning and healing easy by getting to the root cause of patterns and illustrating the resolution side by side. This new and fresh way of presenting has given me great joy. I have longed for a fast and easy way of busting through seeming complexity and Clare has answered this call. – Alexander Theard

The Lifting the Veils of Illusion book is a treasure chest of a map. I’ve used it extensively in my work. – Stefan Siciliano

. . . and for everyone who wants to be more and more free of their reactive chronic patterns of thinking and feeling and wants to live their life in peace and love, I highly recommend reading Clare’s book. Jeff Maurer