The Maya Series

(Enlightenment, Trances and The Enneagram)

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Clare Cherikoff has brilliantly captured the nature of illusion and uses cartoons to bring the message home with humor. I bought the next two volumes because I was so entranced with the first, and I’m happy to say they’re equally brilliant.

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wake up from all illusions




The three volumes of The Maya Series examine (in cartoon) all those things that have the ability to hypnotize us €” habitual responses, conditioning, desires, aversions, emotions, words, sentence structures, personality types, our perception of gurus, thoughts, everything we see, hear and touch, our bodies and the story of our lives.






a trance         When we wake up, every obstacle that seemed to cloud our clarity is discovered to be a momentary trance.


In this light the nine personalities of the Enneagram are exposed to be momentary but habitual trances that create the illusion of a ‘me’. Once we know which trances arise for each type we can notice them when they arise in consciousness and be awake to them. We can be aware that they’re temporary and have no meaning other than a play of consciousness. We can do exercises as a way to experience greater freedom and perception. We can also wake up to who we are as Consciousness, and be unperturbed by which patterns may or may not continue to play out.

buttons being pushed













The Maya Series examines the nine universally disliked buttons that we don’t like to have pressed. It’s these buttons, which make us believe we will never be enlightened because having the same button repeatedly pushed keeps the illusion alive that a separate identity or ego is still present. This series offers processes, which dissolve the buttons so we can realize ourselves as Consciousness. This series also looks at gurus through the lens of the Enneagram. It becomes clear where we sometimes confuse behavior with enlightenment. It’s common to think we have to have the same attributes as a guru to discover Self Realization. Or we glorify attributes that we are not able to attain and imagine we can’t wake up because we are so different.


The three volumes investigate the trances we unconsciously enter, and which seem to block our awareness from who we are as Consciousness. They also look at the trances we may enter around teachers, especially if we attempt to merge, obey or rebel, rather than simply seeing where they are pointing.

The Maya Series contains seven hundred cartoons (mostly in color) on enlightenment. Volume One examines the nitty gritty aspects in our life that seem to be in the way of discovering our nature as Consciousness. Volume II is substantive and investigates numerous sticking points that seem to veil our clarity. It examines the Enneagram buttons as well as the nine types of gurus and devotees. It also offers illustrated processes to break free from a number of common issues.Volume III covers the specific Enneagram trances that trip us up.The books pictorially make the illusions so clear one can see through them and wake up.

The three volumes examine all the things that send us to sleep €” habitual responses, conditioning, desires, aversions, emotions, words, sentencestructures, personalitytypes, our perception of gurus, thoughts, everything we see, hear and touch, our bodies and the story of our lives. Be warned. These cartoons sometimes question the things we consider holy. This is not done to denigrate the sacred. It’s a nudge to wake up. Volume I is a lighter introduction to enlightenment than the other two volumes. It uncovers our shared human foibles and our attempts to seek enlightenment with humor and precision. Themes introduced in this volume are expanded in the next two. Volume II is substantive and investigates numerous sticking points that seem to veil our clarity. It also offers illustrated processes to break free from a number of common issues. It touches on the personality types of the enneagram and the trances that seem to obscure enlightenment yet which can also be used as a gateway for enlightenment. Volume III covers specifics trances that trip us up.

All volumes include quotes from Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj and the cartoons highlight the Consciousness to which these two enlightened sages point. The cartoons also expose the modern dilemmas that the seeker comes across on his journey to enlightenment, until both the seeker and the journey is discovered to be an illusion. When we wake up, every obstacle that seemed to cloud our clarity is revealed to be a momentary trance made from the same substance we are seeking. Consciousness reveals itself to be the source and substance of everything and is the same conscious awareness which we experience even prior to saying ‘I am’.

The best use of this series is to look to where these cartoons point. Nothing needs to be taken up as a practice, nor a rule. Nothing is required. It may be one cartoon or possibly several that may dissolve a block or misunderstanding and lead to Self-Realization.

These kindle books are best viewed on a computer, an iPad, a Kindle Fire or tablet with color and viewed vertically.

Very short excerpt from series on the Type Five of the Enneagram

This type fills their consciousness with knowledge as a way to survive. They become dissociated and detached from their bodies, their feelings and even from life and remain in their heads. They withdraw from people, from events, from emotions and often prefer to be guided by logic and facts. The interest in knowledge may be academic, artistic, spiritual, musical or anything. The content will differ but the strategy is the same. The habitual response is to withdraw and to seek more knowledge so as not to feel the ’empty’ button


. type five fills the mind

They sense the emptiness beneath the mental realm and don’t like it and this makes them quickly fill that emptiness with facts and knowledge.

type five empty mind

Sometimes they sense the emptiness present and consider themselves enlightened. Yet this will be a premature tactic whereby they’re still running from life, still withdrawing from their body, emotions and other people. There is still a ‘someone’ who is escaping. Before they had escaped into a mental realm of thoughts, they are now escaping into an empty mental realm.

type five thinking they are enlightened

This type does well to incorporate their body, feelings and the happenings of life into their awareness and from here to discover that Consciousness is both the emptiness and the fullness.

type five recognising body

There is a difference between being a ‘someone’ who has discovered the emptiness and being the Empty Consciousness aware of itself as both Emptiness and the Play of Consciousness.


type five unhappy at party

Enlightenment is a paradigm shift that is experienced and not taken on as a concept or dry theory. When everything is seen and experienced as made of the same Consciousness then there is no longer a need to habitually withdraw from everything AND neither is there a need to force oneself to accept situations.

type five recognising Consciousness everywhere


Contents of the Three Volumes

Maya Series Volume 1

What is Enlightenment?

Waking up to Consciousness

The Theater of Life

The Invitation to wake up

The nature of trance

The 8 ways we forget who we are as Consciousness

Core identity trance

How does trance occur?

The word is not the thing

About the author and the search for enlightenment

 Maya Series Volume 11


Ways to free ourselves from emotions

What are thoughts?

It’s the quality of the thought not the content that causes us to suffer

How words can both put us in a trance and help us to wake up

How we go into our own trances when we’re communicating

The essential question is ‘what do you want?’

The past


Metaphors are not always useful

Things and ideas that seem to be in the way of Enlightenment

– Believing behavior is a sign of Enlightenment.

(This includes the 9 types of gurus and the 9 types of devotees or seekers)

– We can think triggers and our responses are in the way of waking up

(This includes the 9 buttons we’ll do anything to not have pressed and what to do about them)

– Thoughts

– Pleasing people

– Stories

– Looking in the wrong direction

– Spiritual trances

– Home life

Waking up to the matrix

A word about difficulties, awkwardness and mistakes being in the way

The body




 Maya Series Volume 111

Language patterns which particularly create a trance and how to break free

Reframing as a way to dissolve a trance

The Enneagram

The Enneagram Basics

The Anger Trances Types 8, 9, 1

Type 8

Type 9

Type 1

The Needy Trances Types 2, 3, 4

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

The Mental Trances Types 5, 6, 7

Type 5

Type 6

Type 7

The Illusion of Purpose

Buttons Revisited

My wish for the reader