Understand Personality Type Eight

This personality type would  hate the feeling of ever being weak (perish the thought), vulnerable or powerless. So they charge toward power and leadership and if anyone begs to differ with them there’ll be war . . .

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Discover more about this eight personality from the interview clips below, the cartoons taken from the book Lifting the Veils of Illusion, and the illustrations and questionnaires from the enneagram novel Spellbind.

Just remember . . . these personalities are not the whole of you. Even though there seems to be a biological basis to the enneagram types, the patterns of behavior are only patterns. The aim here is so you can understand the automatic responses you may have so you can access more choices in life.

Do you have an enormous reservoir of energy, love to talk straight and anger pops up and explodes in seconds? You could have the number eight type of personality.

For this personality, the world is seen as ‘a jungle out there’ or a battleground where only the strongest survive.

Determined to never be weak or incompetent the eight sees the world as hostile. They arm themselves with insults, vengeance, anger and weaponry as some of the ways to win the hallucinated battle called life.

The speaking style of this personality is called laying trips. When this type is looking at you they see you as either an object of desire, an incompetent moron or an enemy to fight. Whichever one they see triggers the speaking style of laying trips. In other words they say whatever is going to make them feel dominant over you by prodding at your weak spots. Poking at your weakness keeps you on the back foot and stops you from poking at their weaknesses.

The eight personality is sure they’re innocent and give straight out denials if they’re accused of something.

Whatever happens their first impulse is to blame . . . and it’s never themselves.

When this personality recognizes themselves they normally love it

– they love discovering they’re the bad one’s. When this enneagram type 8 personality recognizes themselves they normally love it. Every other type is horrified.

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Watch the 8 personality on video . . .

To understand the personality type eight watch these clips of interviews. You’ll be able to feel the group’s power and strength. There is an unmistakable force to the eights. I was fortunate to find people willing to share the good, the bad and the vulnerable side to this personality.

Directors notes

Personally I’m very fond of this type of personality (and even married one). Beneath the gruff exterior is a fierce and passionate heart but they’ll stomp all over you if you let them.It’s worthwhile knowing the Enneagram just to be able to survive the eight personalities’ in our lives. They might feel they’re innocent but their manner can be so bullish and blunt it’s good to know we don’t have to take their behaviors personally.

It was suggested to me that many in this clip were nine’s. I can vouch for that fact that most have been on the eight panel for years (with no-one refuting their type) and in real life others find them frightening and hurtful.

Rarely have I found people to be frightened or felt wounded by a nine personality type.

Just as all eight’s aren’t physically big neither are all eight’s extroverted and loud. Many are quiet. A number of the eight’s in this film are highly educated scientists and university professors.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel


Extracts from Spellbind

Spellbind is a tale of mystery and murder . . . . where everyone is being haunted by one of 9 bird spirits . . .

I’ve used the metaphor of an eagle spirit to represent the eight personality type

In this tale of magic, magi with the eagle spirit are descendants of the trolls and fierce giants of yesteryear

Magi with eagle tattoo

Spot the signs in your child

– born warriors. They will have a good fighting temperament.

– big hearted

– they’ll have enough energy to take on the world

– they want to play tough and demand to be leader

– when they speak they can be domineering (may use colorful language)

– if they like you they’ll look after you and fiercely defend you

– they’ll need to be given opportunities where they can exercise their power (give them responsibilities)

– it can be hard to be a minor with the eagle spirit. The eagle makes them feel more powerful than anyone else. This makes it hard for them to follow rules so they tend to end up in trouble.

Gene heritage:

Good fighting stock

Naturally powerful

Able to stand up to others and protect the underdog

Strong leadership qualities

Eagle spell to watch out for:

The spell makes the magus battle everyone and everything (even when it’s completely unnecessary) as a way to not appear weak. This can make the magus unpopular because they’re constantly arguing and blaming others.

Free from the eagle spell:

When the magus is free from this spell they can use their power and leadership qualities to empower and protect others rather than control and dominate.

Do you have the Eagle spirit?

1. Are you more likely to be the leader in a group?___

2. Do you feel confident about your abilities?___

3. Does life seem tough and unfair____

4. When you get angry do you explode and then its over in seconds?___

5. Do you believe that if you don’t fight you lose?___

6. Do you protect the underdog?___

7. Do you go for what you want?___

8. Do you feel others are weak and don’t like weakness in yourself?___

9. Do you like the feeling of power and control?___

10. Are you direct with others?___

11. Do you take charge?___

12. Do you have a temper and aren’t afraid to show it?___

13. Do you hate being controlled or the feeling of powerlessness?___

14. Are others sometimes afraid of you?___

15. Do you feel rules apply to others but not yourself?___

16. Do you get a kick out of breaking the rules?___

17. Do you sometimes act on vengeance?___

Does one of your parents have an eagle spirit?

1. Are they a bit like a troll? (not in looks but in manner)___

2. Do they fume and stomp about the place, become irate on the slightest provocation and speak more loudly than necessary?___

3. Do they have an abundance of energy? (they can dominate a room just be walking in) ?___

4. Do they blame and shout even when you know you are completely innocent?___

5. Do they champion the underdog?___

6. Is their language blunt?___

7. Do they have towering tempers?___

8. Do they work and play hard and expect you to be strong and tough?___

9. Do they like to be in control?___

10. Are they also protective, empowering and hugely generous as well?___

11. Are they tough one minute and then really sensitive in the next?___

12. Do they have enormous power and strength and can shoulder responsibility?___

13. Do they perceive the world as unjust?___

If you answered yes to much of the above you could have a parent with an eagle spirit. They will probably shower you with both enormous amounts of love as well as anger. Anger throbs through their veins so when they express it, its not personal. (It’s just the eagle spirit nipping them on their backside so they have to lash out.)

Some of the characters in Spellbind with an eagle spirit

Flynn Archibald Andrews

He’s best friends with Max but not in this moment when he’s cursing her with the pox.


She’s a good friend of Max and Flynn. In this moment she’s being put under a spell.


He is the magus-master. His eagle spirit is transparent and unlike other bird spirits it can leave his side.

Professor Hoary

His classes are known to be violent. He has a tendency to turn students into wart encrusted toads, on the least provocation.

Malcolm McMalice

He is a cruel businessman of ill repute and he wants Max dead.

Mrs Raspith

She is a violent prisoner who takes her revenge using the most awful spells.

Fictional Examples

Lucy in the comic strip peanuts

Lyra in Golden Compass

Carter in the South Park


Possible Celebrities

Simon Cowell in Britain’s Got Talent would have the Eagle Spirit (personality type 8). I have no idea about Piers Morgan. He’s got the baby face of a three fixation. Amanda Holden would probably have the peacock spirit.

Oprah Winfrey (many women with the 8 personality have learnt to use their power for good and use it with style)

Jack Nicholson

James Gandolfini

Laurence Fishburne

Gerard Depardieu

Sean Connory

Germaine Greer

Sean Penn

Russell Crowe

Sharon Stone

Gordon Ramsay (the swearing celebrity cheff)

Janis Joplin



Often this personality is big and powerful. Many struggle with their weight. They lust for the good things in life and food is one of them.

Think of the men with the 8 personality who are still considered sexy and get all the women even though they’re overweight –

Jack Nicholson, James Gandolfini, Gerard Depardieu

The eight personality doesn’t have to be trim to be attractive.