Understand Personality Type Five

The Five doesn’t like the idea of not know anything so they sprint towards facts, data and a continuous stream of knowledge. Their brain is a sponge for information.

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Do you love collecting information and building an enormous library of facts in your own head? You could have the Five personality type.

This type is often physically sensitive so the world and everyone in it can seem overwhelming and intrusive. They see the world and everything in it as something to observe and study objectively. This can mean they miss out on fully experiencing what is going on because they’re in their heads and disassociated.

They don’t always join in on activities preferring to spend much of their time on their own – after all, the world seems populated by vast numbers of people talking about inconsequential matters that have no bearing on any facts!

Here is how the five would hate to see themselves in the mirror.

So they arm themselves with more and more specialized knowledge.

Five personality looking in mirror

You can tell this type of personality by the way they speak. Their talking style is called ‘treatise’ – basically they download facts. Firstly, they are very quiet, then, if you get them speaking about their specialized knowledge they’ll deliver a lecture!

They possibly project the idea of having no knowledge onto you and think you need information. They can also hide behind facts. They are not always the most confident with other people and so sharing data is one way to communicate without having to share themselves in a personal way.

The five prefers to observe from the outside. This way they can remain in their head making mental notes about what they’re observing.


Watch the video below – whole clip now included

To understand the type five personality watch this film clip of interviews. You’ll experience the dryness and the quietness of the five. You’ll be able to sense the workings of the mind and the need for solitude. I was very lucky to find these three wonderful people who were so willing to share their experience of this personality with humor and clarity (despite their inclination to withdraw).

It’s illuminating to both enter the world of the five and to also see the freedom that is possible when the illusions of personality are seen through.

The directors notes-

Since the five personality type tends to be quiet I have used classical music as well as music made from a single instrument to highlight the solitude as well as the dryness of the five. (Of course fives can be into rock and roll or other types of music. The music only emphasizes the flavor of the five personality and not the preference for music styles.)I have added animations to emphasize the mental activity of this type.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the Film Trailer


learn the enneagram reading a tale of magic, murder and mystery

I’ve used the metaphor of an owl spirit to represent the five personality type

Extracts from Spellbind – including a questionnaire

The novel is for children and adults. Set in a magical time where everyone can cast spells. Only one girl seems to have no powers but she can see that everyone has one of nine bird spirits haunting them . . . .

I chose an Owl to best represent the five fixation. After all, its an intelligent, analytical and private bird (maybe just a tad obsessed with knowledge.)

Magi with the owl spirit have descended from the hermits and shamans

owl animationowl tattoo on rump

Spot the early signs in a toddler

– already reading and studying from a young age

– filling their head with knowledge

– they won’t say much (unless they start talking about their favourite subject.)

– they’ll need plenty of privacy

– they may come across as a bit eccentric because they don’t feel the need to follow their peers

– they can think for themselves even at a young age

Gene Heritage:


Thoughtful and brainy

Can concentrate for hours on end

Prefers to observe from the outside

Intensely private

Owl spell

The spell forces the magi to keep filling their heads with increasingly amounts of data which makes them very smart but also means they miss out on living a life outside their heads. Consequently, the magus withdraws more and more into themselves. Nothing wrong with that, except the spell makes them do it without realizing they’ve got a choice.

Free from the spell:

Without the influence of the owl the magus can wisely follow their intuition and are free to see a world beyond facts. In other words they can pull their head of the encyclopedia and stop and smell the roses . . .. without having to know the species, the genus etc etc.

They can also choose to spend their time alone or with others.

Do you have an owl spirit?

1. Are you clever and have an incredibly retentive mind?___

2. Do you prefer your own company, not just sometimes but for months on end?___

3. Are you informed about your favourite subject in exceptional detail?___

4. Does life seem too big and overwhelming at times?___

5. Do you like little spaces?___

6. Do you like your own room so you can spend time alone?___

7. Do you have a big appetite for knowledge?___

8. Do you find it hard sometimes to express your emotions?___

9. When you are in a crowded room do you prefer to be a fly on the wall and observe everyone?___

10. Are you intensely private?___

11. Do you like to observe and investigate?___

12. Do you dislike it when others intrude upon your space and time?___

13. Are you remote?___

14. Do you withdraw into your mind?___

15. Do you like having as few possessions as possible?___

16. Are you self sufficient and independent?___

17. Do others find you eccentric?___

18. Are you secretive?___

Does your mum or dad have an owl spirit?

1. Do they act like a hermit?___

2. Are they highly imaginative, clever, inventive and scholarly?___

3. Are they unrelenting in their serach for answers?___

4. Do they seem withdrawn much of the time?___

5. Do they need their own space to work?___

6. Would they prefer to be on their own much of the time?___

7. Do they have big foreheads (packed with brains) and wear glasses?___

8. Is their language dry?___ “The conceptual data needed to qualify your homework can be found in the statistical information in the on-line encyclopedia.”

9. Can they seem superior, even intellectually arrogant?___

10. Do they like to have very little around them except for books, computers or valuable stuff to do with their favourite subject?___

11. Do they like to escape to their study an awful lot?___

12. Is it hard to tell what they’re thinking or feeling?___
If you answered yes to much of the above you could have a parent with an owl spirit. Now if you also have an owl spirit you’ll probably think its brilliant. If you don’t you may find them a bit eccentric. Don’t take their withdrawal personally. They can be so easily overwhelmed by people and activities they simply have to spend time alone.

Fictional Examples:

Owl in Winnie the Pooh

Yoda in Star Wars

Dumbledore in Harry Potter


Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons

Daphne in Scooby Doo

The computer nerd, tech nerd or scientist in all the Hollywood movies

Possible Celebrities (No-one knows for sure, only them)

Albert Einstein

Bob Dylan (intensely private)

Andrew Denton – Australian television presenter

Dustin Hoffman

Steven Hawking

Ben Elton (British comedian)

Heath Ledger

Judy Davis (recluse)

Greta Garbo (recluse)

Nora Jones

Some of the Spellbind characters with an owl spirit

Here is the whole Quigley family

Both Max and her father have Owl spirits. Not that that makes the relationship any easier. Only Max can see the birds and this is what she sees when she looks at her family. (Not unlike what we begin to see once we know the enneagram.)

Venerable Bohrbohm

He teaches Quantum Spell Mechanics


Attempting to transport himself through a door Bovril gets stuck half way.