Understand Personality Type Four

The number four personality type runs from feeling flawed and the shame of that and the horrible suspicion that deep down they’re nothing but common. They strive to be unique and elite and above the common fray somehow. They run to the highest of joys or the lowest of despair – anything to avoid a flat passionless life!

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Do you feel your emotions more intensely than anyone else? Are you swept up by your moods one minute then dumped in a puddle of despair and disappointment the next? You may just have the four personality type.

The four personality distorts one’s perception so the person is super aware of their unhappy emotions. It makes the person feel shamefully flawed or tragically special. Arming themselves with a wardrobe of clothes, style, artistic taste, refinement, a sensitive constitution and a tragic air are just some of the ways they try to disguise their flaw.

They aim to be associated with beauty and uniqueness in the hope it will transform them from the common crowd. The personality acts like a trance, blinding them from seeing what is real. Instead they divide the world into two categories, common and special. They avoid the common and the ugly and yearn for or are envious of what they deem as special.

What this personality sees when they look into the mirror and how they see the world-

the four personality looking into the mirror

The talking style of this personality type is called lamentation. It’s the trance of the personality – it makes them see people as either common or enviably special. Either way they get to lament over how they themselves don’t fit in with the common herd; or lament about the enviable qualities they don’t have but others do. Regardless of whether their childhood was happy or not, the four trance distorts their perception so they feel it was tragic anyway. So they also get to lament over their miserable past and what could have been. And because they feel they have been abandoned and have a sensitive constitution they also get to lament about that. The four fixation trance really gives them a lot to be miserable about. When they are lamenting, they are trying their best to communicate through a cloud of despair – it isn’t easy.

four talking style - lamentation

The driving force behind this personality is envy. This personality has amnesia for anything good in their lives, they hallucinate flaws in themselves while imagining everyone else has it much better than they do.


Watch the video –

To fully understand the type four personality watch these clips of interviews.You’ll be able to capture the moodiness of this personality, the yearnings, the tragedy, the roller coaster of emotions and the desire for style and uniqueness. Ah the drama!

This is a lovely group who were willing to show the worst of themselves. Normally we try to hide our worst so I was fortunate that this wonderful group were happy to expose what it is like to have this personality type.

In a world where we try to hide our faults and flaws and weaknesses I think it comes as a relief to share our funny foibles. Pretending to be perfect humans is exhausting and ridiculous. Sharing our peculiarities allows for laughter, compassion and freedom.In a world where we try to hide our faults and flaws and weaknesses I think it comes as a relief to share our funny foibles. Pretending to be perfect humans is exhausting and ridiculous. Sharing our peculiarities allows for laughter and compassion and freedom.

four girl on treadmill from film four video picture

Directors notes-

The reason I’ve chosen water as the main theme running through the video is because the four personality type is wet – they’re often teary and can look as if they’ve just been crying even when they haven’t. The water also represents the flood of emotions this type experiences. I’ve included lightening and thunder because this type is dramatic.I am included in this clip. So don’t despair if this type is you and you feel you’ll never be free. After the initial horror of recognizing my type (and it wasn’t a pretty sight) I’ve found it incredibly useful to understand my patterns. I’m so much more than my behaviors and because I can recognize them and see through them I have choice now whether to act them out or not. I can enjoy some of the behaviors, laugh at others and have total compassion if I discover I’m behaving like a four!

Even better, was discovering that most of the personality is driven by the imagination. I had a sense of being somehow flawed and felt this had to be compensated for and most definitely hidden. But the flaws were only imaginary and I don’t have to keep thinking there is something wrong with me. And of course, I DO HAVE some flaws – and these can be laughed at and shared. I don’t have to fix everything to be happy and at peace.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the film trailer


learn the enneagram reading a tale of mystery, murder and magic

I’ve used the metaphor of a swan spirit to represent the four personality type

Extracts from Spellbind

– a novel for children and adults

See link to know more about Spellbind if what follows doesn’t make sense –

I have chosen the swan to represent the four type – a miserable swan that still feels it’s the ugly duckling . . .

Index and questionnaire from Spellbind

Magi with the swan spirit have descended from the merpeople

mermaid animationswan tattoo on rump

Typical rump of 12 year old with swan spirit

Spotting the early signs

– sad puppy dog eyes which can well up with tears daily. They can cry when they are inspired, they can cry at any time . . . they may be crying right now

– artistically sensitive

– naturally unique and artistic

– laments, sighs, whinges, whines and complains

– upbeat and funny one moment then down in the dumps the next

– wants to be remarkably different

– unique style in dressing

– needs to be told they are special

swan girl

Gene Heritage:


Exceptionally creative


Soulful and deep

Artistic and refined


Swan Spell

The spell makes the person horrified by anything common and completely hung up about being seen as out-of-the-ordinary.

The swan spirit makes its magi feel unnecessarily flawed and sad and is always pointing out who has it better just to make its magi feel even more wretched than it already is.

Free from the spell:

The person knows they are not flawed. They feel good about themselves and are confident about expressing themselves creatively with joy.

Do you have a swan spirit?

1. Do you have exquisite taste?___

2. Do you feel different from others?___

3. Do you sometimes feel sad for no reason?___

4. Is your emotional life intense?___

5. Do emotions rise up and overwhelm you?___

6. Are you sensitive?___

7. Do you hate common things?___

8. Are you dramatic?___

9. Are you passionate?___

10. Do you like to be seen as individualistic and unique?___

11. Do you hate the mundane things in life?___

12. Are others unaware of how sensitive and unique you are?___

13. Do you feel joyful one moment and flat the next?___

14. Do others seem to have it better than you?___

15. Do you feel offended by ugliness?___

16. Are you drawn to beauty?___

Does your mum or dad have a swan spirit?

swan parent

1. Are they artistic, imaginative and highly creative?___

2. Do they have fabulous dress sense?___

3. Are they dramatic, sensitive and love romance?___

4. Are they moody?___

5. Do they lament when the speak and tell you everything that’s awful in their loves?___

6. Do they wear a sad air about them?___

7. Can they be exhilarating and dynamic one moment and at other times completely depressing?___

8. Do they love to wallow and indulge in their feelings?___

9. Can they sometimes be self absorbed?___

10. Are they always yearning for something other than what they have?___

If you answered yes to most of the above you could have yourself a parent with a swan spirit. Don’t take their self absorption or sadness personally. It’s hard for them to even see you through the swan’s spell of melancholy. It keeps tugging at their heart and taking their attention away from you and onto themselves.

Fictional Examples

The mermaid in Little Mermaid

The ugly duckling who grows up to be a swan

The princess in Princess and the Pea

Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh

Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean

Lois Lane – yearning for superman

Princess Fiona in Shrek (the princess who hides herself when she thinks she is ugly)

Daffyd in Little Britain (very special – the only gay in the village)

Possible celebrities

Chosen from their public personas. Only they would know what type of personality they have.Johhny Depp

Robert Downey Junior

Steve Martin

Charlie Chaplin

Uma Thurman

Marilyn Monroe

Sarah McLachlan

Annie lennox

Michael Jackson

Rudolph Nureyev

James Dean

Princess Di

Steven Fry


Likes wearing scarves or romantic, unique clothes that express an artistic flair

Can look sad even when they’re not!

Characters in Spellbind with a swan spirit

Veruka Quigley

She is Max’s older sister and she has an unfortunate mishap with her nose.

Vladimir Van der Vile

Despite his swan spirit he’s a sinister and sadistic assassin. He first appears inside the mirror in the lavatory. He wants Max to die a painful and slow death.

Gladys Wong

Pus spurts out from Gladys’ erupting pustules after a spell goes horribly wrong

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