Understand Personality Type Nine

The nine personality type hates conflict of any sort. So they run from it by doing the strangest thing. They go numb. And they have several ways of doing this. They may remain on the fence and not take sides (infuriating both parties). They may work exceptionally hard for long hours, eat, watch telly, spend hours on the computer or chatting endlessly. They may even clean endlessly too. Whatever the activity is, it’s a way to avoid conflict and the discomfort that brings. Conflict is very intense for them. But if they have decided to argue or fight for something, they will dive in but it’s not something they would derive pleasure from like the personality type eight.

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On this page you’ll find all sorts of things to help you understand the nine personality. Film clips, cartoons, illustrations and questionnaires to answer.

These personality types though, could never refer to the whole of ourselves. We’re much greater than our behaviors and body type. But what the enneagram does do, is give us an accurate map of the nine different personality patterns.

When we understand our thought and behavioral patterns we are given a greater choice in life. It’s a bit like waking up from a trance where we were sure the mirage was true. We act out our behaviors and think it’s just who we are. We think a certain way and think our upbringing had something to do with it. Then we come across the enneagram and discover a whole percentage of others are just the way ‘we’ are and we realize our actions have been running on automatic.

It’s possible to be free of this conditioning but first we have to understand what that is. When we know exactly what our patterns of behavior are we can then choose to act them out or not. The aim of this site is to offer greater choice.

So the nine . . . .

Are you so easy going you feel overlooked at times? Do you just want everyone to be friends and get along? Do you feel uncomfortable when there is any sort of conflict happening in your life?

Deep down the nine feels pressured by life. This pressure is like a time bomb of rage that could explode. Rather than let the anger out they go numb by arming themselves with anything that will block out the pressure. This pressure by the way, only exists in the imagination but for the nine it feels real. There is also a sense they have to be lovable, tolerant and kind no matter what. This is an untenable situation because life isn’t harmonious and there are times when its totally appropriate to communicate anger let alone a mild ‘no’ when asked to do something. But conflict is experienced to be so uncomfortable the friendly 9 feels they have to cushion themselves. This they do with food, tv, computers, conversation, working long hours, routines . . . . the list goes on.

The talking style for the nine is called saga. In other words . . . you’re still standing there listening to them hours later and you know way too much detail than was necessary to tell the story.

Since everyone could be seen as a potential threat to their comfort the nine finds it less confrontational to be the one speaking. Silence can be uncomfortable for them so the nine fills in the space.

They also jump from one subject to the next in a way that is breathtaking and difficult to follow.

(Some may be quiet and yet at some point when they do speak, you’ll notice they will want to include quite a bit of information so you’ll get the whole story.)

Imagining pressure, the nine defends themselves by self narcotizing. They send themselves to sleep with the telly, computers, eating, meditating, spiritual rituals, long hours of work, drinking, smoking . . . . . . . . or whatever they’re into. They take it to excess.

You can tell someone has a nine personality by the way they work, or rather by the number of unfinished jobs (they call it multitasking) and piles of mess.

They start a job, experience anger or discomfort and move on to another job as a way to go back to sleep again. They usually have piles of stuff and unfinished jobs all around them.

If you want to read more cartoons on the Enneagram purchase The Maya Series


Watch the video of interviews

To understand the nature of the nine personality watch this video. In the documentary it’s the longest clip out of them all. That could have something to do with the talking style being saga . . . actually, the people were so brilliant with all their answers I couldn’t edit them out.

Directors notes

I used floating feathers in the background of this clip to emphasize the softness of the nine personality. They are often described as teddy bears and the feathers capture that for me . . . along with the Koala bears.Note: Not all nine’s are like teddy bears. Some are lean and lanky yet they still emanate a certain calmness that we attribute to bears.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the Film Trailer


learn the enneagram reading a story of mystery and magic

I’ve used the metaphor of a turkey spirit to represent the nine personality type

Extracts from Spellbind

Spellbind is a novel for both children and adults. It’s a tale with magic, mystery and murder and where every magi is being haunted by one of nine bird spirits.

For the nine I chose a turkey. (I know, I know, in America this bird doesn’t have a good reputation. But I certainly mean no insult.) When you actually see these magnificent birds with their amazing size and plumage you’ll not take it as an insult.

Turkeys do go gobble gobble gobble though and this is a bit like a nine with their saga style of talking. Also turkeys are quite large and a number of nines (although not all) tend to be curvaceous and voluptuous too.

There’s something lovable and fun about nines and I think there’s something lovable and fun about turkeys too.

Magi with the turkey spirit have descended from the gnomes and the witch doctors of yesteryear

turkey animation

Here’s a typical turkey tattoo on the rump of a magi.

Spotting the early signs in your toddler

Eyes often glaze over.

They’ll have a placid and amiable nature.

They can chat for hours.

They’ll find comfort in eating, sleeping and will spend eons on the computer.

They’re a magnet for dribbles and dirt.

They’ll be the kindest most loving friend of all.

They’re brilliant peace makers.

They invent things and often become brilliant inventors when they grow up.

Gene heritage:

They’re so nice they’re practically saint-like.

Very popular because they’re so friendly, easy to be around and non-judgmental.

Talented peace-makers.

Incredibly inventive.

They can get in rapport with everybody.

Turkey spell to watch out for:

The spell makes the person terrified of any sort of conflict and forces them to do anything for the sake of peace. It then compels the person to mistake eating, watching tv, computer games, procrastinating and saying yes when they want to say no, for peace!

Free from the turkey spell:

Free from the spell the person knows what they want and can say no to others. They experience themselves as powerful and strong and can stand up for themselves.

Do you have the turkey spirit?

1. Are you friendly and likable?___

2. Do you like everyone to be friends?___

3. Do you feel pressured when you are told to tidy up or do any chores?___

4. Do you say yes to others to keep the peace but wished you’d said no?___

5. Do you channel surf even when there’s nothing on the telly?___

6. Do you brood over past conversations and in your mind you’re strong and tell people exactly what you want to say, but when you see them next you’re sweet and nice and you never tell them what you really think because you’d prefer to avoid a confrontation?___

7. Do you feel you can’t always express what yourself, especially anger?___

8. Are you easy going?___

9. Do you drift off into daydreams more than anyone else?___

10. Do you avoid conflict?___

11. Do you like a peaceful life?___

12. Are you the peacemaker in the family?___

13. Do you rarely get angry?___

14. Do you feel others don’t see you?___

15. Do you tend to tell long sagas because you want the person to know the whole story?___

16. Do you like to zone out for long periods at a time?___

Do you have a mum or dad with the turkey spirit?

1. Do they come across a bit like a friendly garden gnome or a caring witch doctor?___

2. Are they easy going, friendly and incredibly kind?___

3. Are they kind, sweet and want everyone to be happy?___

4. Do they hate arguments?___

5. Do they tend to see both sides of the issue?___

6. Do they start one job, move on to another and another without ever finishing any of them?___

7. Do they talk for hours and its hard to get to the point of their story?___

8. Do they spend hours playing games on the computer, chatting or drinking?___

9. Do they like to snooze on the couch?___

10. Do they say they’ll do something but never get around to it?___

11. If they do ever get angry do they explode and its way over the top?___

12. Does mess pile up around them?___

13. Do they collect things?___

14. Are they accident-prone?___

If you answered yes to much of the above you may have a parent with a turkey spirit. You may as well get used to the mess.

Fictitious examples:

Pigpen in the comic strip Peanuts

Sleeping Beauty (spends most of her life asleep)

Winnie the Pooh

Yogi Bear

Wallace in Wallace and Grommit (inventive)

Charlie Brown

Hagrid in Harry Potter

Mr Weasley in Harry Potter

Possible celebrities (but only they’d know for sure)

Dawn French British comedian and actress

Bill Murray

John Goodman

John Candy

Mikey Robbins (Australian DJ)

Jonathon Coleman (DJ)

Kim Beasley (Australian Politician)

Diane Keaton

James May in Top Gear

Liv Tyler


They can be quite curvaceous and rounded or they’ll be the opposite and be lanky and loose limbed. Many with this personality have eyes that glaze over as they drift off into a day dream. They tend to dress for comfort rather than fashion and they come across a bit like a St Bernard or an old English sheep dog. They will at some stage throughout the day end up with stains on their clothes. Their hair can get mussed up and they won’t notice.

Some Spellbind characters with the turkey spirit

Mrs Quigley

This is Max’s mum only seconds before fainting. Much to the horror of her children she uses a broken magi-stick to cook, with disastrous results.

Bapu and his turkey spirit with Boop Singh the rescued bear

Bapu seems to spend much of his time levitating in the corner of the room while snoring.

Bapu and Boop Singh

Bapu and Boop Singh


Grubb is entering the room with his latest invention. Its called a Snooze Master and it does all your chores while you sleep.