Understand Personality Type One

The One Personality is running toward perfection, cleanliness, principles and righteousness as a way to be happy. They run from being bad or being wrong, imperfection and mess.

one on treadmill - drawing

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On this page you’ll find a variety of tools to help you understand the One personality. Cartoons, animations, videos of interviews, illustrations from an enneagram novel, a questionnaire and links . . . .

But first I want you to know . . . who we are beneath our personalities is free, peaceful intelligence. When I describe a personality I’m referring to the momentary reactions or patterns of behaviour that we sometimes mistake for our entire selves.

These personalities are like temporary trances that are sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. I like to think that when we know about these patterns we have greater choices over our decisions and perceptions. Then we are free to act them out or not.

Browse through the cartoons then watch the videos below and see if they describe someone not unlike yourself.

When you’re done, check out the characters from the enneagram novel Spellbind illustrated below and answer the questionnaire. What if your enneagram type was a bird spirit haunting you? Wouldn’t you want to know its influence upon you and be free?

Do you love precision, principles, accuracy and being right? Then this personality type could be you.

The One Personality distorts one’s perception so that the person sees themselves as imperfect. It doesn’t stop there. They see others and the world as imperfect as well. Arming themselves with principles, rules and cleaning products are only some of the ways they try to fix the imperfection.

One looking in mirror

You can tell if someone has the One type of personality because their talking style is preaching. Since they’re seeing what’s wrong with you (rather than how you are) they feel the need to point out what you should do to correct yourself.

This personality manifests as an hallucination in their head of a judge or a god or a parent who’s judging and criticizing their every action as either good or bad. The person becomes a slave to this judge but it’s difficult pleasing a recurring figment of the imagination.



Watch the video –


This wonderful group allowed themselves to be filmed while sharing the particular up-tightness peculiar to the One and the unconscious habit of seeing what’s wrong wherever they look.How lucky to find a group (including a relative) willing to expose the rigid patterns of anger, the desire for perfection and the attempts to relax with alcohol with such humor and honesty.

This is one funny clip.

It’s also an inspiring video to watch as we see the rigid personality melt when the One behaviors are dropped and people can just be themselves.

Directors notes

I’ve made the background for this clip yellow with lights to represent the purity of the one fixation.

I’ve made animations at the beginning of each introduction to the 9 types. It shows what each type is running from and what they are striving for. I have placed her on the treadmill to show how this pattern is an endless cycle that gets us nowhere.

I believe that the point of the Enneagram is to show us that we can get off this treadmill.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the film trailer


I’ve used the metaphor of a hawk spirit to represent the one personality typeby Clare Cherikoff (enneagram novel for children and adults)

For the One Personality type I chose a hawk.

– sharp eyed, can see precisely what is wrong and strives for perfection. (Really hates mess.)

Need to know some background on Spellbind?

The main character

max with orb

Max Quigley considers herself a complete dud for a magus (magus, magi and magician, are akin to a wizard, a person with magical powers and pronounced maygus, mayj-eye and mayjien). She can’t seem to cast spells or counteract them. She does have unusual powers and she can see bird spirits mysteriously attached to everyone. A remarkable number of magi want Max dead. She has an owl spirit – five personality type.

In Spellbind magi with the hawk spirit have descended from the high priest and priestesses of old

hawk animationhawk tattoo on rump

Typical rump of a 12 year old with the hawk spirit

Spotting the early signs –

– they’ll have such a good temperament you’ll suspect they have a halo

– may already be frowning at a young age

– preaches in a frightfully polite way

– unnaturally neat and tidy

– clean clothes (not a single stain!)

hawk boy

hawk girl

Gene Heritage:

Fair and honest

Talent for cleanliness

Wicked sarcastic sense of humour

Exceptionally good with detail and discipline

Hawk spell to watch out for:

The spell causes its magi to feel unnecessarily tense about being wrong and determined to be perfect. The Hawk spirit makes the magi preach to and punish both themselves and others.

Free from the spell:

They feel happy and relaxed with who they are. They accept that the world and everyone in it is perfectly imperfect.

Do you have the Hawk spirit?

1. Are you very good, do well at school and know you are disciplined? ___

2. Do you have an innate sense of right and wrong?___

3. Are you doing your best to be perfect?___

4. Do you feel irritable?___

5. Are you hard on yourself? ___

6. If you are not perfect do you feel cross?___

7. Do others’ imperfections annoy you?___

8. Is your hair naturally neat and perfect?___

9. Are you so good and strict with yourself that to let off steam you are sometimes bad?___

10. Do you go to inordinate lengths to be faultless?___

11. Are you fair minded?___

12. Do you hate disorder and like accuracy?___

13. Are you polite?___

14. Do you live by principles?___

15. Do you judge yourself and others?___

16. Are you disciplined?___

17. Do you control your anger?___

18. Are you self controlled?___

19. Do you tend to moralise and teach when you speak?___

20. Do you hate being wrong or bad?___

21. Do you feel rules are appropriate?___

Does your mum or dad have a Hawk spirit?

hawk parent

1. Do they see you as grubby even though you’ve just had a bath?___

2. When they speak do they often sound like they are preaching?___

3. Do they frown regularly?___

4. Do they often use words like ‘should’, ‘shouldn’t’, ‘ought’, ‘ought not’, ‘must’, ‘must not’?___

5. Do they like things neat and tidy?___

6. Do they correct you incessantly?___

7. Do they want you to be neat and tidy?___

8. Do they become cranky if the lawns aren’t mown or a sentence is grammatically incorrect?___

9. Are they fair but strict?___

10. Are they kind but have a peculiar preference for everything to be spic and span?__

If you answered yes to most of the above your parent just may have a hawk spirit. Word of warning – they really can’t help it when they preach and moralise and correct you even when you’re perfect.

Fictional examples

Frank martin – main character in Transporter (a stickler for cleanliness and rules)

James Bond (can fight without wrinkling his suit)

Mary Poppins (keeps everything spic and span)

Professor McGonagall (strict with rules)

Alfred (Batman’s butler)

Bert in Sesame Street

Possible celebrities

Upper crust Englishman

John Lennon banging on about peace

David Stratton

David Stratton from At the Movies (he comes across as pedantic but witty like so many with this personality type)

John Cleese

Hugh Laurie in House

Prince Charles

Margaret Thatcher (such stiff hair!)

Delia Smith (English celebrity chef who is ever so clean)

Sir John Geilgud

Sidney Poitier

Gandhi (lived by and preached his principles)

Bob Brown (Australian politician) and not dissimilar to Al Gore. Both of them are rather stiff in the body and preach about the environment.


Often thin and stiff in body

Tight lipped or has thin lips

Prone to frowning

Tight jaw

Neat – unless they are messy on principle – a bit like Sir Bob Geldof

Some of the characters in Spellbind with a hawk spirit-

Maurice Quigley

(Max’s twin) who is often times a complete prat. (A prat is an annoying pillock . . . . er idiot.) He’s completely peeved when his mothers spell lands him in the toilet.

Maurice with foot in toilet

Councilor Dimworth

Councilor Dimworth’s nostrils flared as if he’d just smelt something objectionable. (He’s under the impression Max is diseased and he wants her contained.)

councillor Dimworth

Deputy Warden Slyrot

She is a towering and terrifying figure who wants Max dead.

Deputy Warden Slyrot