Understand the Seven Personality Type

The seven personality runs from pain and boredom like its the plague of death. They dash toward spontaneity, fun and adventure with enthusiasm.

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These personalities are only an aspect of ourselves. They are patterns of behavior that we sometimes mistake to be ourselves. They are worth knowing because we then have choice over our decisions in life instead of acting like a robots running on automatic.

Do you love to escape into pleasurable activities, are highly imaginative and enthusiastic and all your friends think you are good fun? You could have the seven personality type.

The strategy of the seven is to turn life into a fun game. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Well it is. It’s only a problem when a person skates so lightly upon life or is so slap dash they miss out on some of the deeper aspects of life. They can be so busy running to the next adventure or the next high they end up spending more time running than enjoying life.

The seven looking into the mirror and at the world

This is how the seven personality type would hate to see themselves when they look in the mirror. They arm themselves with jokes, happy vibes, fun times and shallow concepts as a way to avoid the feeling of being incomplete or not okay somehow. So when they look at the world they see a playground to travel around and explore. The idea is to have more and more experiences as a way to feel good about themselves.

So what is wrong with that you may ask? Well nothing except that each new experience is never enough. This is the trance of the seven personality. It stops the person from ever feeling satisfied.

The talking style of the seven is called telling stories. The seven will see you as someone who could do with lightening up, maybe in need of some bawdy stories to make you laugh. Otherwise you may get serious and that would be a bit of a downer and this is to be avoided if at all possible. The joke below belongs to the comedian Billy Connolly.

The seven hallucinates the old as boring or painful and the new as being better and shinier than it is.

They are a slave to new experiences not realizing that going on an endless search for the new is the cause of their problems.


watch interviews –

Regrettably, I have only two people in the following clip but these two certainly capture the upbeat, positive, socially active, fun aspect of the seven. (Not all sevens are upbeat. Some are quiet yet still have the other traits of the seven personality type.)You will also see the heart and joy of these two as they share via stories how it is to have this personality.

Sobriety is a mature sign for the seven and this too is seen on this video.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the Film Trailer


learn the enneagram reading a tale of murder and mystery

I’ve used the metaphor of a parrot spirit to represent the seven personality type

Spellbind (the enneagram thriller)

Learn the enneagram personalities while reading a novel of mystery, magic and murder, where children are jabbed with a needle at the age of 12 to discover which of the nine bird tattoos show up on their rump.

For the Seven personality I chose the parrot – fun, lively, colorful and entertaining.

The novel is set in a magical world where each of the characters are magi. Only one child has no powers but this same girl can see that everyone is under the spell of a bird spirit which is haunting them. Can she wake everyone up from their spells or will she murdered first?

Magi with the Parrot Spirit are descendants of the goblins, imps, elves and leprachauns of old

parrot animation

Typical Parrot tattoo found on rump of magi

Spot the early signs in a child

– outrageous, zany and outspoken

– the clown in the classroom

– needs fun, variety and games

– highly imaginative especially when it comes to telling stories

– naturally bubbly and enthusiastic


They come from a free spirited, fun and whimsical lineage.

Brilliant entertainers.

Talent for living an exciting, adventurous life.

They have a knack for making people feel good when they’re around.

Parrot spell to watch out for:

The spell makes the magi terrified of being bored and missing out on life and so consequently they become obsessed with fads or whatever is new and different.

The spell sends itchy vibes up the magi’s spine making it continuously restless for change.

Free from the spell:

Once they are free from the spell they are no longer are obsessed with chasing rainbows. They can use their imaginative talents and happy vibes from a place of feeling free wherever they are.

Do you have the parrot spirit?

1. Are you fun to be with?___

2. Do you entertain your friends and families with good stories and jokes?___

3. Do you see the funny side to things?___

4. Do you keep planning for the future?___

5. Do you want to experience everything?___

6. Would you like to be like Peter Pan and never grow up?___

7. Do you hate being bored?___

8. Do you hate anything that even smacks of boredom?___

9. Do you dive into life with enthusiasm?___

10. Do you spend a lot of time in your head entertaining yourself?___

11. Do you believe the world would be better off if everyone just lightened up a little and wasn’t so serious?___

12. Do you tend to jump quickly into new things without completing your last project?___

13. Is your mind moving so fast into the future that life seems slow and dull in comparison?__

Do you have a mum or dad with the parrot spirit?

1. Are they a bit like an imp or leprechaun?___

2. Are they fun to be with?___

3. Are they into the latest fads?___

4. Are they good at telling stories?___

5. Are they away a lot?___

6. Do they hate committing to anything that could be boring?___

7. Do they itch to be elsewhere?___

8. Is their social calendar crammed full?___

9. Are they a bit childish at times?___

10. Do you sometimes feel that you’re the parent and they’re the child?___

11. Do they have an amazing imagination?___

12. Can they make you laugh?___

Some Spellbind characters with the parrot spirit

Venerable Scarewitz

He teaches Max about the illusion of memories (unfortunately his method involves copious amounts of phlegm.)

Max, her best friend Flynn and the goblin (with parrot spirit) plummet on the flying chair that’s out of control.

Fictional examples:

Donkey in Shrek

Peter Pan

Bugs Bunny

Toad in Wind in the Willows

Crocodile Dundee

Possible celebrities (but only they’d know for sure)

Billy Connolly (comedian)

Ellen Degeneres (comedian on amercan tv)

Robin Williams

Billy Connolly

Ellen Degeneres

Eddie Murphy

Hugh Grant

Joan Rivers

Cameron Diaz

Jerry Seinfeld

Richard Branson

Michael Palin

Paul Hogan

Michael Cane

Rod Stewart

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