Understand the Six Personality Type

The six personality is friendly, loyal and responsible but fear lurks beneath the surface. They avoid fear by racing toward safety and security and they have a number of strategies they use to do this. They may smile as away to befriend you – just so you don’t kill them. They may plague themselves to death with questions as a way to make the safest decision. They may even seek out danger as a way to confront their fears.

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On this page you’ll find cartoons, animations, videos of interviews, illustrations from an enneagram novel, a questionnaire, some silly illustrations of celebrities and links . . . .

But first I’d like to say . . . who we are regardless of our personalities is free, innate wisdom. When I describe a personality I’m only referring to the momentary reactions or patterns of behaviour that we sometimes mistake for our entire selves. Although the types seem to have a biological base to them the patterns themselves are only just that, patterns. We can change these behaviours if we want. But first we need to know what they are.

I see these patterns as if they’re temporary trances that are sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. When we understand the motivation running the patterns we have a choice over our decisions and perceptions. Then we’re free to act them out or not. If we don’t know about them, our decision making is often unconscious, automatic and without choice.

Browse through the cartoons taken from the book Lifting the Veils of Illusion, then watch the videos below and see if you see your self or someone you know.

When you’re done, check out the characters from the enneagram novel Spellbind illustrated below and answer the questionnaire. What if your enneagram type was a bird spirit haunting you? (That’s the premise of the novel and it’s a fun way to wake up from our patterns of behaviour and learn about the enneagram.) So if you were being haunted by a chicken spirit, wouldn’t you want to know its influence upon you and be free?

Would you describe yourself as warm and faithful but tend to see the world as a dangerous place so you need to make sure everyone is safe? You could just have the six personality type.

The six personality acts as a trance making the person feel as if deep down they’re untrustworthy. This is then unconsciously projected onto others which makes them feel paranoid and unsafe. The way to find security is by questioning everything a hundred times over. Everything is doubted and their head spins with questions and possible answers. Unable to feel secure they consult their friends but their friends answers are doubted too. They busy themselves with mental activity and this often masks their fears. (When this personality type first turns up to courses they doubt they’re a six, they doubt the enneagram, they’re sure they aren’t motivated by fear. Usually by the second day this type is struck by the enneagram’s precise mapping of their thoughts and fears.)

As a way to manage their fears this type often becomes extremely skilled at managing their friends and families. They feel that if they could just organize everyone then we could all be safe.

The talking style of the six is called setting limits. They don’t like to leave options too wide open as this wouldn’t be safe so they put limits on everything. Some examples of setting limits would be – ‘I’ll come out to dinner but lets be home by 10pm’, or ‘Have a fun time camping but just make sure you don’t swim in the river’.

They are cautious so putting a limit on things is how they create security. They also tend to herd people into teams – teams are safe.

The relentless thought process for the six is doubt.

They can become slaves to it. The illusion is that there is a right action that will dispel their doubts, anxieties and fears to make them feel safe. This isn’t a bad action to take at certain times in our lives but for the six it can become a constant preoccupation.

Watch video of interviews –

(I simply couldn’t resist a scary beginning that begins in the dark . . . )To understand this personality type watch this clip. Not many would wish to expose the relentless doubts that the mind can spin or the fears that scare the six. Yet I found a wonderful group of people willing to do just that.

I think many who don’t yet know they’re a six would get enormous benefit from the honesty shared in this film. There is relief for the six personality and it’s inspiring to see many in this group express freedom now that they know the patterns of behavior and can rest in a deeper aspect of themselves.

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Directors notes

Well first I should apologize for making the opening similar to a horror movie!But as many sixes will tell you . . . fear is such a presence in their lives its a bit like starring in their own scary movie.

I could have made a two hour film just on the six group (and maybe I will add more clips in the future) especially since the six group can be divided into three very different groups. I couldn’t go into it in the film but each of the 9 personalities can be divided into 3 sub categories.

1. Self preservation

2. Social

3. Sexual

In the six group the 3 sub categories are more noticeable because of the physical and energetic difference.

The self preservation type comes across as more nervous than the others. If they were an animal they would be the bunny rabbit. They smile a great deal as a way to be friendly but as the people in the film say – it”s only so you won’t kill them!

The social type is more like a bull dog. They’re very friendly but when push comes to shove they will be the ones pushing. Many of this type tend to wear their hair in a bob. It fits like a helmet on their head.

The sexual type are like all the Hollywood action heros. Strong and/or beautiful types.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the Film Trailer


learn the enneagram reading a tale of murder and magic

I’ve used the metaphor of a chicken spirit to represent the six personality type

Spellbind extracts below including a questionnaire

Spellbind is a novel for children and adults. Its set in a time when everyone has magical powers and are known as magi. Instead of personality types each person has one of nine bird spirits haunting them . . .

I chose the chicken to represent the six personality type. A few of my six friends have complained. But for me the chicken represents many things which suit this personality.

They’re known to be concerned and caring just like the six. Most people I know like chickens just as most people like people with the six personality. And the chicken has a reputation of being easily frightened.

And I personally adore chickens so I mean no insult.

Magi with the chicken spirit have descended from the witches and warlocks of long ago

This would no doubt be why those with the chicken spirit are on the constant look out for danger (what with all the witch drownings.)

chicken spirit animation

Spot the early signs

– has a friendly loyal character

– doubts and questions everything

– cautions everyone to be safe, organized and prepared

– brilliant at spotting danger and bravely stepping into the rescue

– reassuring them that they’re safe will bring out the best in them as children


They are full of courage and valor and are the best to have on hand during a dangerous situation.

They are enormously skilled at being organized and getting things done.

They are the most loyal and devoted friends.

Chicken spell to watch out for:

The spell sends frightening images of all the worst things that could happen into the mind of the person with the chicken spirit and they end up spending all their time thinking up ways to be safe. The chicken spirit makes its presence known as many voices in the person’s head questioning and doubting everything.

Free from the spell of the chicken spirit

Once the person is free they realize they are brave, courageous and sure of themselves and they can make decisions and trust themselves completely.

Do you have the chicken spirit?

1. Are you warm, friendly, reliable and faithful?___

2. Do you feel you are the one who needs to be responsible and look out for your friends and family?___

3. Are you good at getting everyone to work as a team?___

4. Do you imagine the worst as a way to be safe?___

5. Do you sometimes feel rebellious but still want to look as if you are conforming?___

6. Do you leaders but then don’t trust them?___

7. Are you sure you know what others are thinking and call it intuitu=ion?___

8. Do you do dare devil rebellious stuff as a way to prove you aren’t scared?___

9. If you don’t do your duty do you feel guilty?___

10. Are you loyal____

11. Are you courageous?___

12. Are you anxious and uncertain about things?___

13. Do you admire fearlessness?___

14. Do you ring all your friends to ask their advice but then doubt their suggestions?___

Do you suspect your mum or dad has a chicken spirit?

1. Are they warm kind and caring?___

2. Do they fuss over your safety?___

3.Are they cautious about life?___

4. Do they like to debate ideas for hours on end?___

5. Do they talk about doing their duty?___

6. Are they suspicious of others and their motives?___

7. Do they scan the horizon for possible threat?___

8. Do they question and doubt things?___

9. Can they not make up their mind about things?___

10. Do they have an uncanny knack of knowing what you are up to?___

11. Are they anxious about you and your safety?___

12. Are they involved with group activities, have numerous friends and are loyal?____

If you answered yes to much of the above your suspicions maybe correct. If you think they fuss over you way beyond what you’d like take a moment to think what it must be like to be in their shoes. The spell makes them see all the worst things that could happen to you and its a nightmare for them.

The three distinctly different looks to the six personality

The first is the smiling, nervous timid look. (A bit like Billy Crystal or Woody Allen)

They look sweet, anxious and harmless and have a look about them that says – Hey, don’t hurt me, I’m harmless.

The second is more like a bulldog. This group is socially inclined. It’s not that they necessarily want to join a group but many feel that everyone should be socially responsible and so they end up being the one to organize everyone within a group. So you’ll find them working in established organizations, committees, councils or sports teams. You may also find them in the police force, the army or any career where they can be safe in a group. They excel in organizations or roles where they have a list of the day’s duty’s to fulfill. (Possibly a bit like the Queen)

If they aren’t being responsible they feel guilty. These types aren’t always immediately aware of their fear because its usually buried beneath the mental chatter in their heads arguing over what to do.

Then there is the third type which is physically strong or beautiful and often both.
(It wouldn’t surprise me if Arnie and Madonna had chicken spirits!) Their fame is mostly about looking strong but beautiful at the same time.

Fictional Examples


Piglet in Winnie the Pooh

Nemo’s father in Finding Nemo

The lion in Wizard of Oz


Dick Tracy

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

Sam in Lord of the Rings


cat woman


Roger ramjet



The Terminator

Jason Bourne

Any hero or heroine in tights

Possible Celebrities (who knows for sure? Only them but I’ll have a stab at it)


Woody Allen

Billy Crystal

From left – The Stig, James May, Richard Hamster Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson

Well The Stig would be a mystery. James May would be a 9. Richard Hammond would be a three and Jeremy Clarkson could be the second type of six which is like a bulldog – he’s forever arguing and debating or an eight.

Australian Idol Judges

From left – Mark Holden, Dicko, Marcia Hines, Kyle

Mark Holden would be a 3. Dicko would be the second type of a 6 since he’s a bit of a bulldog. Marcia Hines would be a 2 and Kyle would be another 6 and again of the second type.


George Clooney (hair like a helmet)

Ray Martin

Mel Gibson

Queen Elizabeth II

Jeremy Clarkson

Kyle Sandilands


Sylvestor Stallone

Arnie Schwarzenegger


Posh Spice

Jessica Alba in Dark Angel

Jennifer Garner in Alias

Angelina Jolie in Tomb raider

Most Hollywood action stars

Characters in Spellbind with a chicken spirit

Guru Yogarambol

She runs a society for unusually sensitive mystics.

Hanshi Machiko

Hanshi Machiko is a martial arts teacher of high rank. Even though she has a chicken spirit it is strangely transparent. She teaches Max the art of waking up from the illusion of all spells. She flies everywhere on her cushion.

Professor Prattchett

Professor Prattchett is not keen on magi with the eagle spirit. She wants Max dead.


She is brought in to protect Max from being kidnapped.


Magda is a classmate of Max and in this moment is none too happy.