Understanding Personality Type Three

This personality type runs from failure (banish the thought!) and towards success by multi tasking, achieving their goals and looking good.

personality type three on treadmill

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Interview picture of the number three fixation personality in the Enneagrampicture of novel on enneagram, hypnosis and NLP

Are you charming, successful, popular and just a tad vain? You could be the three personality type.

This personality type feels they’re a failure unless they’re producing something. This forces them to work relentlessly just to feel good about themselves. They often begin performing or working at a young age and they have the energy and focus to achieve their goals.three on enneagram looking into mirror
The talking style of the three is called propaganda – in other words they put a positive spin on everything because it’s important to impress everyone. The name of their game is to impress others. If they need to talk something up they will. They’re the marketing gurus who know exactly how to make things look and sound good just so we’ll buy. They’re the queen and king of spin.

three talking style

Their house, image, friends, spouse, job and nose job are all to hypnotize you into how successful they are.

three likes to impress

Watch the video of interviews

See how a Type Three thinks, talks and presents themselves. I was extremely lucky to find these three wonderful people willing to share the good aspects, the shallowness of the three fixation with humor, the pain of it as well as the joy in finding freedom.

three on treadmill from animation picture of film clip


Directors notes

I’ve put animated golden discs throughout the background of this video clip as a metaphor for money and success as a way to highlight the success of the three fixation. I like that the discs are spinning – a reminder that the three fixation can put a good spin on anything.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

Watch the film trailer


I’ve used the metaphor of a peacock spirit to represent the three personality type

Extracts from Spellbind

picture of book on NLP, hypnosis and the enneagram for children and adults

– an enneagram novel for children and adults.

It’s a magical tale with murder and mystery . . . and each of the magi are being haunted by one of nine bird spirits . . .

For the three fixation I chose the peacock – efficient, successful and wants to be seen to look good (dare I say a bit of a show off?)

photo of peacock

The main character is Max Quigley – 12 years old and she can’t cast a spell let alone a hex. But she can see that everyone has one of nine types of bird spirits . . . no one else can see them and for some reason a lot of powerful magi want her dead.

Every child receives a tattoo of their bird spirit on their rump . . .

Index and questionnaire from Spellbind

Magi with the peacock spirit have descended from the fairies

– which would explain how they get things done in triple time

Typical rump of 12 year old with peacock spirit

peacock tattoo on rump representing the enneagram personality type three


Spotting the early signs in your toddler

– probably president of the Kindergarten Club. They often learn to perform at a young age.

– naturally looks polished and well dressed

– loves to talk about their achievements and charm everyone

– already knows how to dress and act for success

how a three personality type of the enneagram looks as a girlhow a three personality type of the enneagram looks as a boy

Gene Heritage:

– efficient

– talent for magically getting everything done in triple time

– has a knack for success and looking good while they succeed

Peacock spell to watch out for:

The peacock makes the person scared of failure and obsessed with coming first.

The spell can make the person vain in their desire for success.

Free from the spell:

No longer driven to avoid failure they can enjoy who they naturally are and do what they want instead of what is expected of them. They work with others as equals and don’t need to constantly prove they are the best. They can have a life!

Do you have the peacock spirit?

1. Do you need to be respected?___

2. Do you study hard, are captain of your team, play the lead role in the school play, your teachers love you and most of the other kids at school wish they were you?___

3. Do you want to be the best?___

4. Have you noticed that those who perform and look good get the best jobs and instead of feeling cynical about this, you decide you’re going to play the game and win?___

5. Do you have a cute snub nose and may already be a cheerleader or star player?___

6. Do you instinctively know how to dress to impress?___

7. Are you ambitious and driven?___

8. Do you hate failure?___

9. Are you goal oriented?___

10. Do you get your homework done as efficiently as possible?___

11. Do like to perform?___

12. Do you like being admired by your peers?___

13. Is everyone always amazed at how much you get done?___

14. Are you a high achiever?___

15. Do you enjoy the feeling of success over everything else?___

Does your mum or dad have a Peacock spirit?

1. Have you half suspected they have a touch of fairy magic in their lives because they are so successful?___

2. Are they confident, successful and driven?___

3. Do they achive an enormous amount and regularly accomplish their entire list of goals?___

4. Are they full of energy, popular and creative?___

5. Do they want you as their child to be successful too?___

6. Are they addicted to their list of goals and love multitasking?___

7. Is how they appear to others important?___

8. Do they avoid failure and won’t even talk about it?___

9. Does their success sometimes seem more important to them than anything else?___

10. Do they believe they are what they do?___

11. Do you suspect they are a bit shallow?___

If you answered yes to most of the questions above you may just have a parent with a peacock spirit. They really can’t help their relentless pursuit of success or constant work to produce results. The spell of the peacock won’t let them stop. It makes them feel that if they stop they will experience failure. Not true but that’s the spell.

Fictional Examples

Barbie and Ken dolls

The tooth fairy ( a fairy with good business sense)

Cinderella (works hard then marries the handsome prince)

Hermione in harry Potter (efficient, ambitious, driven to be the best witch)

Buffy the vampire slayer

Possible Celebrities

Paris Hilton

Britney Spears

Hilary Duff

Bindi Irwin

Kylie Minogue

Paul McCartney (still baby faced!)

Donald Trump

Mick Jagger

Jamie Oliver (baby faced celebrity chef in Britain)

Mark Holden (judge on Australian Idol)

Take your pick – this could be Paris or Kylie or Hilary Duff – half the population want to be them and the other half condemn them for being shallow

picture of the number three personality type

Mark Holden from Australian Idol – he’s the one on the far left

From left- Mark Holden (peacock), Dicko (second type of Chicken, the social six- a bit like a bulldog, Marcia Hines (Dove), Kyle Sandilands (probably the second type of chicken- social six)

australian idol judges and the enneagram

Richard (Hamster) Hammond in Top Gear

He’s the one second from the right.

From left- Stig (a mystery), James May- probably a turkey, Richard Hammond- a peacock (baby faced, very popular), Jeremy Clarkson – could be the second type of Chicken (social Six) or an 8.

Top Gear and the enneagram personalities

Britain’s Got Talent

From left

Piers Morgan (you tell me) he could have the peacock. Amanda Holden would have the peacock. Simon Cowell would have the eagle.

Some of the characters from Spellbind with the peacock spirit

Prunella Plume –

She’s the headmistress and reads self-help books such as ‘Make Spells and Grow Rich’ and ‘How to Win Wizard Friends and Influence Them”. Nasty things seem to happen to Max whenever she’s around. She wants Max experimented on.

Prunella Plume who represents the three fixation of enneagram

Students in the peacock class adore being photographed.

taking photos of girl with Peacock spirit representing the three fixation of enneagram