Understand Personality Type Two

The number Two personality veers away from feeling worthless by helping others, giving them advice and busying themselves looking after everyone. They miss out big time because they forget about their own needs.

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Are you big hearted, sweet, always looking after everyone and wish someone would look after you for a change? Then this personality type could be you.

The two personality distorts one’s perception so they see themselves as unworthy and needy (which isn’t true) and this is then projected onto others and the world.

Arming themselves with gifts, tonic and a talent for serving others are just some of the ways they try to reject the horrible feeling of worthlessness.

two girl looking in mirror

You can tell if someone has a type two personality because their speaking style is giving advice. They see you as needing help, possibly sick or in need of cheering up and feel that they’re just the person to help you.

Repressing their own needs they dash about projecting neediness onto other people. They put in lots of effort helping other people in the belief they’re the only one able to help them. Imagining you to be in need they don’t believe they have any other choice but to look after you and give you the advice you need. They end up exhausted because everyone around becomes dependent upon them.

Not only are they imagining others as being needy they’re imagining they’re the ones who’ve given the most. Every now and again rage bursts out when they feel they haven’t successfully convinced everyone how worthwhile they are.

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Questionnaires and reading can’t always help us see the Enneagram personalities in action. I believe we need to see how the different types dress and think and present themselves. So many people turn up to courses with the wrong typing from doing questionnaires alone. For instance many with the nine personality type, who are also kind and considerate think they’re a Type Two. When they see the nature of people with the Two and the sweet, often girly (if they’re female) way they dress and the seductive quality that emanates from them, they can understand the difference. The sugary way of giving advice is completely different from the kind and considerate nature of the nine.

Directors notes:

To highlight the seductive sweetness of this personality I added plenty of flowers and hearts and made the background a soft pretty pink.

Enneagram/NLP/Power of Now Novel

learn the enneagram reading a tale of murder and mystery

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I’ve used the metaphor of a dove spirit to represent the two personality type

Extracts from Spellbind – learn the enneagram by reading a creepy thriller

by Clare Cherikoff (an enneagram novel for children and adults.)

For the Two Personality I chose a dove (forever cooing lovingly)

– caring, kind and wants to please everyone (a little too much perhaps?)

Need to know some background on Spellbind? If not scroll down to Magi with Dove Spirit

Main character

Max with orb

Max Quigley considers herself a complete dud for a magus (magus, magi and magician are akin to a wizard, a person with magical powers and pronounced maygus, mayj-eye and mayjien). Max can’t seem to cast spells or counteract them. She does have unusual powers and she can see bird spirits mysteriously attached to everyone. A remarkable number of magi want max dead. She has an owl spirit – a five personality type.

At the age of 12 every child receives a needle upon which a tattoo of a bird appears on their rump . . .

exposing enneagram tattoo

Spellbind comes with an index attached so the reader can help identify themselves. See below for the index on the Dove Spirit.

Magi with the Dove Spirit are descendants of the fairy godparents of yesteryear

fairy godmother animationDove tattoo on rump

Typical Dove tattoo that appears on rump of a 12 year old.

Spotting the early signs-

– dress style is cutesy (hair ribbons, hair clips with strawberries)

– sweet kind giving disposition

– likes to do nice things for everybody

– constantly giving advice and flattering others

dove girldove boy


Incredibly loving and kind

Brilliant at helping people and animals

Hugely popular

They bring out the best in people

If they’re not performing themselves they’re helping others

Dove spell and what to watch for:

The spell makes the magus spend their life looking after others and then makes them angry because no one is being helpful back.The spell makes the magus feel unnecessarily worthless unless they are helping someone.

Free from the spell:

They can follow their own desires rather than slavishly looking after other people. They’re able to receive help from others instead of always being the one to help.

Do you have the dove spirit?


1. Are you loving and kind? ___

2. Are you helpful?___

3. Do your friends think you’re wonderful?___

4. Do people around you look helpless and so you’re always the one to step in to the rescue?___

5. Are you sometimes not appreciated for all that you do?___

6. Do you say nice things to people to make them feel good?___

7. Do you look after friends and family?___

8. Do you offer advice?___

9. Do you take pride in how helpful you are?___

10. Do you forget to look after yourself sometimes because you are too busy looking after everyone else?___

11. If you are a girl do you like dressing up?___

Does either your mum or dad have a dove spirit?

1. Are they kind, loving, helpful and affectionate?___

2. Do they do everything for you?___

3. Do they bake you cookies and give you plenty of cuddles?___

4. Can their love be a bit smothering?___

5. Do they treat you like a baby even though you can look after your self?___

6. Do they do everything for you and then get cranky when you don’t appreciate them enough?

7. Are they reluctant for you to grow up?___

Fictional examples

Fairy godmother in Cinderella

Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Miss Piggy in Sesame Street

Raymond’s mother in Everyone Loves Raymond

Possible celebrities

but only they would know for sure

dolly partonmarcia hines black and white

Dolly Parton

– ever so kind and sweet and still dresses like a little girl

Marcia Hines – Idol judge in Australia

So motherly and she couldn’t NOT be nice no matter how ghastly the contestants on the show were!

Dame Edna Everage

The star helper who’s also a megastar!

John Farnham

John Travolta

Elvis Presley – always giving gifts and looked after his mother

Nigella Lawson (Domestic goddess in the kitchen)

Characters from Spellbind with a dove spirit

Magus Findhorn


She rescues animals from nasty children who have inflicted magic upon them. She takes her revenge in surprising and satisfying ways.

Librarian Thipplewaite

She has books in her library you can enter and live as if real. Students love getting lost inside an action adventure but complain bitterly if they’re lost inside a book on algebra, which is not surprising. If you do get caught in a frightening book Librarian Thipplewaite is ready to help by reaching in and pulling you out and offering hot chocolate.