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Enneagram and Advaita

Enneagram and Advaita Before reading this page YOU SHOULD PROBABLY read the Advaita page first (or this page may not make any sense at all) Why is the mix of the Enneagram with Advaita an enlightening relief? After the initial horror of being […]

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What Is Advaita?

  WHAT IS ADVAITA?   Advaita is a wholly subjective view . . . But first here is the typically objective view on life . . . Advaita is a refreshingly different take from this, which ends up revealing consciousness to be the only constant and permanent presence in your […]

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Positive Hallucination and Satsang

A Positive Hallucination is when we see, hear or feel things that aren’t actually present. If you’re interested in satsang, freedom, advaita or self-realisation why would this trance be useful to know about? When we realise that the ego is […]

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Last weeks Cartoons

Here are last weeks Satsang cartoons . . . . (these cartoons point to enlightenment, advaita, emptiness and freedom exactly where you are now)                    

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Enlightenment Quotes

Enlightenment Quotes This video looks at a few of quotes on enlightenment and Self Realization by Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Stephen Jourdain. These quotes have been particularly chosen as they cut through the trance of being a devotee on a […]

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Sensory Distortion Trance

Sensory Distortion Trance and Satsang We enter this trance when we narrow our focus upon a body part or a feeling and also when we numb out a body part or feeling. This is a natural trance but it’s good […]

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Before and After Enlightenment

 Before and After Enlightenment The Absolute Consciousness alone is our real nature said Ramana Maharshi. Only the Absolute truly exists, nothing else, said Nisargadatta Maharaj. The cartoons below highlight the illusory difference between how it seems before enlightenment (with so many things to do […]

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Clare Cherikoff

Clare Cherikoff   To understand what this site is about click on link below asking, What is Advaita? What is Advaita? Below is the expurgated version of Clare Cherikoff’s story – All stories are fictional though, including the story below . . […]

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Satsang and science

What is the difference between the scientist, the sage and the seeker? Answer – The scientist finds the nothingness from which the universe exploded from, The sage finds the nothingness to be who he and everybody else is, the seeker […]

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