Enneagram talks

Enneagram Talks with Clare Cherikoff This video series views the Enneagram from the the satsang or advaita perspective. The first 3 videos introduce the Enneagram. The last four videos Spiritual Teachers and Gurus and their Enneagram types These videos and cartoons are […]

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Enneagram Introduction

This video is a quick introduction to the Enneagram and how the nine character types view the world and themselves through a variety of trances . . .   I speak about Positive trances (this does not necessarily mean a […]

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Trances and Satsang

Lifting The Veils of Illusion Trances and Satsang Video Series  In the following videos I talk about the various trances we enter and how they seemingly block our experience of natural beingness or enlightenment.  These videos cover the traps that […]

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Enlightenment Enneagram Novel Spellbind

***Spellbind and Hoodwink Combined*** Brand New Book Two Added         Enlightenment (Advaita) and the Enneagram woven into a novel of mystery, magic and murder http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Watch the (old Spellbind) trailer by clicking the link below http://www.clarecherikoff.com/spellbindtrailer How […]

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Clare Cherikoff

Clare Cherikoff   To understand what this site is about click on link below asking, What is Advaita? What is Advaita? Below is the expurgated version of Clare Cherikoff’s story – All stories are fictional though, including the story below . . […]

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Testimonials on Clare Cherikoff

Read what others have to say about Clare Cherikoff   Clare has an amazing ability to quickly grasp subject matter in a very deep way and then articulate it in the most original, creative, humorous, easily understood way. Clare offers […]

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Spellbind Trailer

Enneagram Film Trailer Could Max be a new type of super hero? Spellbind is about an unlikely super hero with a difference. Her job is to wake up (enlighten) the world. Rather than super strength saving the world, we need […]

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Enneagram Spellbind Book Chapter One

Spellbind and Hoodwink Break free of limiting patterns while you follow the plight of Max Quigley. Read this Enneagram and Satsang novel of murder and mystery. Watch the Spellbind trailer – click the link below http://www.clarecherikoff.com/spellbindtrailer Read Chapter One below […]

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Personality Nine

Understand Personality Type Nine The nine personality type hates conflict of any sort. So they run from it by doing the strangest thing. They go numb. And they have several ways of doing this. They may remain on the fence […]

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Personality Three

Understanding Personality Type Three This personality type runs from failure (banish the thought!) and towards success by multi tasking, achieving their goals and looking good. Scroll down for Are you charming, successful, popular and just a tad vain? You could […]

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