Enneagram Advaita Film If you can’t watch the interactive animation it is also here as a short film form. Jumping into the Now Stepping into Enlightenment Skating through the Enneagram and landing in Advaita

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satsang video one

Satsang Video One **** In this video I mention the Three Fixation of the Enneagram. It would be more accurate to say that this type may view enlightenment in terms of success. It’s not that all threes would have success […]

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satsang videos

Satsang Video Menu All videos have been given a cartoon effect to detract from the usual emphasis that realisation exists in a particular or a separate human being (who we then need to either be like or know).   Satsang Video One Discovering who we are […]

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guru enneagram types four

Guru Enneagram Types Video Four This video looks at the Enneagram types eight and nine. There are many gurus out there with an eight fixation and often we mistake their power for spirituality and wait to emit that same power. […]

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guru enneagram types three

Guru Enneagram Types Video Three This video looks at the enneagram style of gurus with the personality traits of the six and the seven. When we see how we are trying to mimic a teacher’s enneagram style we can stop […]

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guru enneagram types one

Guru Enneagram Types Video One This video looks at the Enneagram styles of gurus who teach enlightenment and how we can mistake the traits of the gurus for enlightenment. This first video looks at the enneagram fixations one, two and […]

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anchoring video three

Anchoring and Satsang Video Three This video looks at anchoring and our triggers and responses from the perspective that all our responses are made from the same material. Enlightenment is waking up to the emptiness from which everything arises. Back […]

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anchoring and satsang

Anchoring and Satsang An anchored response is an habitual response that we have to an internal or external stimuli. It’s as if we wear buttons that get pressed over and over. We don’t mind the responses that we habitually enjoy […]

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Negative Hallucination and Satsang

A negative hallucination is when we don’t see, hear or feel something that is actually present. Conditioned as we are, we don’t notice the presence of beingness or ourselves as awareness. Enlightenment is the discovery of what has always been […]

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Positive Hallucination and Satsang

A Positive Hallucination is when we see, hear or feel things that aren’t actually present. If you’re interested in satsang, freedom, advaita or self-realisation why would this trance be useful to know about? When we realise that the ego is […]

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