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guru enneagram types four

Guru Enneagram Types Video Four This video looks at the Enneagram types eight and nine. There are many gurus out there with an eight fixation and often we mistake their power for spirituality and wait to emit that same power. […]

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guru enneagram types three

Guru Enneagram Types Video Three This video looks at the enneagram style of gurus with the personality traits of the six and the seven. When we see how we are trying to mimic a teacher’s enneagram style we can stop […]

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guru enneagram types one

Guru Enneagram Types Video One This video looks at the Enneagram styles of gurus who teach enlightenment and how we can mistake the traits of the gurus for enlightenment. This first video looks at the enneagram fixations one, two and […]

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Trances and Satsang

Lifting The Veils of Illusion Trances and Satsang Video Series  In the following videos I talk about the various trances we enter and how they seemingly block our experience of natural beingness or enlightenment.  These videos cover the traps that […]

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Age regression part two

Age Regression Part Two This video looks at the age regression trance we can enter around teachers, gurus and authority figures. It creates the illusion of separation where there is none. This trance is based upon a survival strategy. We […]

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