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Enneagram and Advaita

Enneagram and Advaita Before reading this page YOU SHOULD PROBABLY read the Advaita page first (or this page may not make any sense at all) Why is the mix of the Enneagram with Advaita an enlightening relief? After the initial horror of being […]

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What Is Advaita?

  WHAT IS ADVAITA?   Advaita is a wholly subjective view . . . But first here is the typically objective view on life . . . Advaita is a refreshingly different take from this, which ends up revealing consciousness to be the only constant and permanent presence in your […]

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Enneagram talks

Enneagram Talks with Clare Cherikoff This video series views the Enneagram from the the satsang or advaita perspective. The first 3 videos introduce the Enneagram. The last four videos Spiritual Teachers and Gurus and their Enneagram types These videos and cartoons are […]

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satsang video one

Satsang Video One **** In this video I mention the Three Fixation of the Enneagram. It would be more accurate to say that this type may view enlightenment in terms of success. It’s not that all threes would have success […]

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satsang videos

Satsang Video Menu All videos have been given a cartoon effect to detract from the usual emphasis that realisation exists in a particular or a separate human being (who we then need to either be like or know).   Satsang Video One Discovering who we are […]

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anchoring video three

Anchoring and Satsang Video Three This video looks at anchoring and our triggers and responses from the perspective that all our responses are made from the same material. Enlightenment is waking up to the emptiness from which everything arises. Back […]

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anchoring video two

Anchoring and Satsang Video Two This video looks at the wrong way to take the discovery that all triggers are neutral. We can use this discovery to beat ourselves up. However the invitation is to rest in beingness and satsang. […]

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anchoring and satsang

Anchoring and Satsang An anchored response is an habitual response that we have to an internal or external stimuli. It’s as if we wear buttons that get pressed over and over. We don’t mind the responses that we habitually enjoy […]

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Age Regression continued

There are many aspects to the age regression trance. This video continues on from the theme of how we can become like children when we’re around spiritual authority figures. This trance especially gets in the way if we’re imagining we […]

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Enneagram video part two

This video looks at the enneagram character types five, six and seven followed by the two, three and four and how their trances manifest . . . Back to video contents page

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