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enneagram panel

Enneagram Panel These photographic panels are a quick visual snapshot of  the nine Enneagram Types. Type One Often immaculate, neat, tidy, ever so clean . . . . . Type Two So sweet looking! (Although some favour a more militant look) Type Three […]

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Enneagram Comics

Enneagram Retro Comic Series Find your enneagram type in these humorous retro comic pictures. Warning: sex scenes and swearing Type One This type strives for perfection and consequently notices imperfections and is irritated by them . . .     […]

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Enneagram guide 6-9

Enneagram Personality guide part two (Key to understanding your personality) (Personality Six through to Nine) Continued from Enneagram Guide 1 Please see Guide 1 first On this page we’ll be looking at the journey the personalities Six through to Nine […]

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