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enneagram panel

Enneagram Panel These photographic panels are a quick visual snapshot of  the nine Enneagram Types. Type One Often immaculate, neat, tidy, ever so clean . . . . . Type Two So sweet looking! (Although some favour a more militant look) Type Three […]

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guru enneagram types three

Guru Enneagram Types Video Three This video looks at the enneagram style of gurus with the personality traits of the six and the seven. When we see how we are trying to mimic a teacher’s enneagram style we can stop […]

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Enneagram Film Type Six

New – watch the whole clip from the film – (I simply couldn’t resist a scary beginning that begins in the dark . . . ) To understand this personality type watch this clip. Not many would wish to expose […]

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Enneagram Comics

Enneagram Retro Comic Series Find your enneagram type in these humorous retro comic pictures. Warning: sex scenes and swearing Type One This type strives for perfection and consequently notices imperfections and is irritated by them . . .     […]

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Enneagram guide 6-9

Enneagram Personality guide part two (Key to understanding your personality) (Personality Six through to Nine) Continued from Enneagram Guide 1 Please see Guide 1 first On this page we’ll be looking at the journey the personalities Six through to Nine […]

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