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These episodes could best be described as The New Yorker style of animations on the theme of the Enneagram.

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Learn the Enneagram watching these humorous animations highlighting the enneagram addictions, filters and even the way the nine types walk . . .

Episode 1 The Walking Episode

The nine Enneagram walking styles . . .

Thumbnail of Walking Episode from the Enneagram Show


Episode 2 The Nine Filters

The nine filters of the Enneagram and how they cloud our perception of reality. In this episode we first view Evelyn and Ernest without any filters and then through the nine filters . . .

Thumbnail of Filters Episode from The Enneagram Show


Episode 3 Addictions

Just some of the Enneagram addictions we can have. In this episode we look at the nine addictions according to

Sylvia (1), Lisbeth (2), Wilma (3), Gwendolyn (4), Leonard (5), Suzie (6), Norma (7), Roselyn (8) and Barry (9). . . .

Thumbnail of Addictions Episode from The Enneagram Show