The nine enneagram personalities captured on video, animation and cartoon

What is the Enneagram?

Its an incredibly useful tool

used by psychologists, therapists, the CIA, writers, actors, casting agents, lawyers, business trainers and those interested in understanding themselves and other people better.

The enneagram is a mirror that reveals our behavior and it shows us the recurring patterns we act out unknowingly.

Initially it’s a little horrifying when we discover which pattern of behaviors we’ve been running but then its completely liberating.

It precisely maps the nine human patterns of behavior

The enneagram frees us from limiting patterns of thought and behavior by showing us what the patterns are. As you discover the enneagram more and more it becomes clear there’s even a biological component to the nine personality types.

But mostly the enneagram is based upon the nine different ways we can fixate our attention and that’s why the personalities are often referred to as fixations, fixation1, fixation 2 and so on.

Its good to remember that these fixations are metaphors. We may find we have the body type and bodily reactions of the fixation type but even so, the fixations are metaphors for habitual responses and automatic behaviors. It’s a brilliant metaphor for when we want to uncover and see our own patterns. It’s not useful when we imagine ourselves to actually be a fixation number or have the fixation number living inside of us. This is also true when we imagine someone else to be the number or have the personality type residing inside them.

When we take the metaphor of personality type or fixation to be literal we endeavor to fix the fixation, rid ourselves of fixation or judge ourselves or others by fixation. In other words we’re trying to fix, rid ourselves or a judge a metaphor!

The benefit of understanding these personalities is enormous.

The possibility is freedom and compassion.

The main aim of this site is to impart the freedom that comes with understanding the patterns. The benefit of the enneagram is to realize we’re deeper, greater and freer than our patterns of behavior.

The second aim of this website is to point to this freedom via gentle humor and laughter. There comes a point where we can have a big laugh at ourselves and all our strategies.

The third aim is to understand these personalities so we can understand our fellow human beings. When we understand them we can communicate better, tolerate and forgive more. Its harder to be triggered by someone or take other’s actions personally when we understand the structure of their personality.

There’s plenty to discover on this website. There are film clips to watch, cartoons and illustrations to give you a visual component to the enneagram and there are also questionnaires to fill out.

This site offers more than the enneagram. It also offers cartoons to point out the illusions and workings of our minds. When we know precisely how how minds work we’re no longer limited by our conditioned thoughts.

But first . . . read about the nine types below, then click on each of the pictures with the play button to access each type in greater detail and watch the film clips.

First personality – the One Fixation

The first personality is called the One Fixation. They typically run from imperfection or being wrong and seek righteousness. They run towards perfection, correcting and cleaning things as they go. Without meaning to they see what’s wrong first and don’t feel they’ll be happy until things have been made right. They’re often principled perfectionists who finally learn to relax when they discover the enneagram.

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one personality on treadmillone fixation video picture

Number Two Personality

This personality type is often known as the helper. They feel worthwhile helping others and giving advice. They’re big hearted, sweet and loving but can unknowingly be sacrificing their own desires because they’re so busy looking after everyone else.

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two fixation video picture

Number Three personality

This personality type is often known as the achiever. They’re usually efficient workers who multitask and manage to look good at the same time. This type is rewarded in our society because they’re the ones producing results. But watch the video and see the relief it can be to get off the treadmill of relentless production.

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three fixation video picture

three fixation on treadmill

Number Four Personality


This personality type is often dramatic and emotional – high spirited one moment and down in the dumps the next. This fixation can find themselves stuck on a treadmill as they desperately run towards the unique and beautiful and run away from the common and ordinary things in life. This is a difficult task and draining on the emotions but . . . there is joy to be found off the treadmill . . .

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four video picture
four on treadmill

Number Five Personality

This personality is investigating, analysing and storing all the facts. The physically sensitive but brainy nerds, geeks, artists and hermits would most likely have this personality type.

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five video picture

Number Six Personality

Fear is the motivating factor for the six personality. This fear is often masked by a questioning doubting mind which is working overtime to make things safe. Afraid of fear itself this type tends to initially avoid the enneagram because they don’t want to be boxed in by a system . . . . but . . . . then derive enormous benefit from it as they discover it gives them a greater understanding of their fears so they can lay them to rest.

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six video picture

The Seven Personality

Enthusiastic, highly energetic, imaginative types best describe this personality. Running towards the ever new, the exciting, the different and away from anything that could be boring is how this personality type manifests. With each of these personality types there is the good and the not so good. In this case the not so good is when someone with this personality can never hang around long enough to have dessert because they’re in too much of a hurry to be elsewhere.

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seven video pictureseven on treadmill

Number Eight Personality

Bold blunt blaming and angry is how most would describe the eight personality. This isn’t how they’d describe themselves. They’d describe themselves as truthful, innocent and hard working and wonder why everyone has it in for them. They’re certainly the leaders, the bosses and the tyrants. Yet they’re also quite vulnerable and easily hurt. Not that they show that side of themselves very much. They’re happier expressing their anger and their power.

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eight video pictureeight on treadmill

Number Nine Personality

This personality is friendly, peaceful and can talk the leg off a chair. They run to comfort using food, conversation, computers, tv or anything which could be used to numb themselves from the pressures of life. They run from conflict and say yes when they mean no because it seems less confronting that way. But once they’ve said yes they’re annoyed with themselves so they seek comfort to avoid the pressure of doing what they said they would do.

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nine video picturenine on treadmill