Enneagram Family in cartoon

Now if only we could be in a family of the same Enneagram personality we may get along. As it is we don’t understand one another at all.

Below is a totally fanciful way of looking at the Enneagram but it may also help you discover which Enneagram type you are in the process. With any luck it might even open the window to tolerance within your own family.

Type One Enneagram Family

This family might actually be happy to clean together. They’d each see what needs fixing and fix it. They would all have high standards of perfection and discipline and work hard towards their ideals. Mind you they may simply criticize and judge one another.

(The dog does not have a Type One Personality.)


Type Two Enneagram Family

Below is a family of twos – all of them would be happy to be giving presents and helping one another. Every day would be Christmas day. But then again, there may be fierce competition as to who has given the most. And there may also be a build up of resentment if what has been given has really been just self serving in some way.


Type Three Enneagram Family

Below is a happy family of threes, all of them busy printing out gorgeous photos of themselves, which they’ll use as promotional spin tools. Each of them will be able to boast about the success of everyone else in the family and use that to further their own success story. Woe betide if any of them fails to reach the pinnacle of success but then even bad publicity could be spun to become good publicity. Just so long as there is publicity.


Type Four Enneagram Family

This family of fours can be creative together, pouring their passions into their unique field. No, this is probably purely fanciful. Unfortunately fours tend to also feel misunderstood by their family and are sure they should have been born into a completely different family. A family who would have understood their special needs and nurtured their unique talents.


Type Five Enneagram Family

Here we have a happy family of fives. Each able to work on their own project. If they were all into computers they’d probably Skype one another as a way to communicate. This would give them the distance and solitude they’d need. No, this family would still squabble just as the characters on The Big Bang Theory TV show do. On that show all the main male characters are fives who argue about knowledge, theories and ideas.


Type Six Enneagram Family

Well this family of sixes could all get along as they tend to like working and playing as a team. Or they could at least seem to get along if they all believe they should ‘do the family thing’ out of responsibility and loyalty. But then again they’d have that rebellious streak that’ll make them want to escape their duties.

And don’t forget, some in the family may be counter-phobic and will want to do all manner of dangerous things while the more fearful members will be trying to set their limits so they play it safe.


Type Seven Enneagram Family

Well maybe here is a family that could all get along if they were the same fixation. They could keep traveling and exploring and having new adventures together. Mind you, they may need to escape one another as they’d need new people to meet too.


Type Eight Enneagram Family

Well this would be a rowdy chaotic household full of powerful energy. They could create their own mafia group. But who would be the boss?


Type Nine Enneagram Family

Here we have a family of nines, all out in the back shed inventing things and tinkering on their projects. They could all be very comfortable with one another, with no-one objecting to the avoidance of the necessary tasks or the possible build up of mess. (No, pure fantasy I suppose) Instead they may be passive-aggressively frustrating one other at every turn.


Family portrait

The real story is that our families are a mixed bunch of Enneagram types. And of course we don’t get along just with those family members who share the same type as ourselves.

Sometimes, not even knowing the Enneagram can help us get along with one another. But it certainly helps us to understand one another more and this in turn may lead to more tolerance.

One of the best uses of the Enneagram is that it can stop us taking the family traits personally and stop us from expecting them to change.

Actually no. The top most benefit from the Enneagram is that we can see what lies deeper within all of us.