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clare cherikoff



Advaita/Satsang and Enneagram cartoons, videos, animations and books on this site

(cartoons added)

Last lot of cartoons here

What is Advaita?

Click image to find out


What is The Enneagram?

 Click here for a quick visual snapshot of the nine types

Enneagram Type One

What is the Enneagram when married to Advaita?



Spellbind and Hoodwink

Spellbind and Hoodwink

A fast paced romp weaving the Enneagram and Advaita into a novel of magic and mayhem.
Imagine Harry Potter (but as a girl) and she has to wake up from all spells on her quest for enlightenment.
This book makes for a fun gift.  It’s an easy way to introduce someone to Advaita/Satsang or enlightenment as well as the Enneagram and without them ever knowing!

Click on the link below to go straight to the Spellbind and Hoodwink page at Amazon.
Spellbind and Hoodwink

New article on Spellbind and Hoodwink in Enneagram Monthly

Clare Cherikoff is Teaching as Story telling: Tapping into
Wisdom Bypassing Resistances.”

Her book Spellbind and Hoodwink uses a lighthearted approach to convey 
a very deep Vedanta/Advaita wisdom and enneagram types under the guise of
participants in a story, that is lively, exciting and easy for the young as well as for mature readers.



Before and After
Enlightenment Series

Click image to view series


Click picture below to view Enneagram
Interactive Animation

When inside, click on the waving buttons to enter. One button will take you into an art gallery where you will be introduced to  the Enneagram types. Another button will take you to meet Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta. Another will take you through the steps to enlightenment.


If you cannot play an interactive animation on your computer you can watch the above in film form.
Click the picture below.

Enneagram advaita film

Enneagram advaita film

Popular page to visit
Enneagram retro comic series



A cartoon essay on the difference between
the scientist, the sage and the seeker

Lifting The Veils of Illusion Course
Click Picture below to view

14 videos (between approx. 4 and 12 minutes) with talks by Clare Cherikoff. You will not just find videos on these pages but also many cartoons.
Watch these videos to discover the veils of illusion (which manifest as trances) that seem to obstruct our view of enlightenment and Self-Realisation.
All videos have been given a cartoon effect to detract from the usual emphasis that realisation exists in a particular or a separate human being.


Enneagram Video Series (Click picture to view)


Satsang Video Series (Click picture to view)



A recent testimonial from Sandy Betka Clare, You have the BEST Enneagram site I have ever seen! Your cartoon animations and story-lines uncovering the “veils of illusion” to reach enlightenment are absolutely fantastic and entertaining!!! I wish you sold downloads of your animations….I’d buy them…..I highly recommend that everyone checks out your site!! I have read a lot of Enneagram books and visited many websites over the years….your site is fabulous….I really enjoyed it.

Lifting The Veils of Illusion Film

Lifting The Veils of Illusion

This film is based upon the book (of the same name) but now in The Maya Series. It’s 11 minutes long and goes into the nitty gritty of how we forget ourselves as Consciousness. It looks at a number of trances we enter on a moment by moment basis. Often it’s our trances we don’t like and not reality.

Satsang Ramblings Film

An invitation to satsang in cartoon. This film is approximately 6 minutes long. It is an invitation to be your Self as well as bust through some of the myths surrounding enlightenment.

Again, Clare’s clarity, humour, refreshing honesty and creative talent combine to make a delightful video pointing to where true and lasting fulfilment lies.” – Elaine Diffey

Satsang Ramblings Film

Satsang Ramblings Film



The Maya Series contains seven hundred illustrations (mostly in color) pointing to enlightenment. Volume One is the first in a series of three, which point to Self Realization. It examines the nitty gritty aspects in our life that seem to be in the way of discovering our true nature as Consciousness. The books pictorially make the illusions so clear you can see through them and wake up.Amazon Testimonial 5.0 out of 5 stars Funny & Fabulous December 28, 2012 By Mary Bast Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseClare Cherikoff has brilliantly captured the nature of illusion and uses cartoons to bring the message home with humor. I bought the next two volumes because I was so entranced with the first, and I’m happy to say they’re equally brilliant.
3 Volumes

3 Volumes

Spellbind is a fast paced adventure story using the metaphor of spells for all the trances we enter and is a great way to learn about Enlightenment and the Enneagram. The second edition is now available for Kindle Fire, ipad or computer cloud with new, large color illustrations. Spellbind is a unique way to learn about the Enneagram. The novel incorporates much of what is in The Maya Series.


The Enneagram Show‘ is a bit of animated fun.
Click on pictures below to watch the episodes and films

The Enneagram Show on TV

Watch the walks of the Enneagram Fixations

Enneagram walks

Enneagram Walks Episode

Enneagram Filters

Enneagram Filters Episode

Enneagram Filters Episode

Enneagram Addictions

Enneagram Addictions Episode

Enneagram Addictions Episode

Enneagram Dogs


Enneagram Dog Film

Also on this site…

You will find many cartoons and animations on enlightenment, awakening from trances and the enneagram. There is the international film –  The Enneagram film


You’ll find:

    • presentation of live interviews on the Enneagram; as well as animations of the nine personality types



  • Kindles  – The Maya Series
  • and Spellbind


Spellbind – a novel about Advaita and the Enneagram

This is a fast paced adventure story about magi and their spells. It is a great way to learn about the Enneagram and waking up from trances. There is a touch of Advaita, a hint of The Matrix and a sprinkling of Harry Potter.

This trailer explains the story of book one Spellbind:

 Brand New !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spellbind and Hoodwink